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7 Activities You Can Do While High and Alone

by Christy Coy 6 min read

Things to do while high

Things you Can do While High 

Be it alone or with friends, getting high on cannabis is a whole lot of fun. But how much fun you have after you’re high depends on what you do and obviously, the strain of cannabis you smoke or ingest. 

Getting high with your friends is often ideal, but sometimes they’re just not around to join in on the fun. When that happens, you have to make your own fun! Of course, watching a movie or listening to music are the typical “go-to” activities when you’re by yourself, but there are lots of other intriguing activities to try when you’re alone and high that will push your mind to its creative limit! 

Read on to know about some super fun activities to try when you’re high on cannabis either alone or with your group of favorite stoner buddies.

Here are 6 alternative activities to try when you’re alone and high that will enhance your inventive and visionary state of mind! 

  1. Pick up a Pen and Write Something

Journey through a Literary Landscape

Reading can be great fun, especially after you have smoked or consumed indica. Indica makes the mind calm and contemplative, which can help you interpret the writing of your favorite authors in a number of ways. Reading a book on cannabis is even more fun than reading when you’re sober because, on cannabis, you can visualize every situation described vividly. 

A lot of people draw inspiration from their favorite books and authors and go on to create their own art. This makes reading when you’re high an interesting way to absorb material for your own future artwork.

Consider Unleashing your Inner Comic or Screenwriter

There is no doubt that the comedic genius within you gets released when the bud hits your brain, so writing a screenplay or a short skit would be the perfect way to utilize that potential creativity and altered state of mind!

But, it’s not just humor that gets enhanced — since your perspective on typical situations are deeper and more intense by default, writing a conversational screenplay or a skit almost always results in a new kind of relatable and poetic piece of writing!

Even just rewriting a famous scene from a movie could be the inspiration to a new artsy goal or dream! So while you’re hanging out in your room, grab your phone and start typing out those ideas. How different would a movie or tv show be if one of the characters did something drastically different? Nobody will know until you write it! 

  1. Feeling Inspired? - Design Something Interesting 

Dabble in the Arts

Often, cannabis tends to trigger our darkest and deepest emotions and experiences. These are the times during which cannabis trips may turn awry. However, a great way to make the best of those kinds of trips as well as to get your drawing books out along with all the pencils, crayons and other art materials you have.

Drawing, sketching, painting, and craftwork are activities that can sometimes express your emotions much better than words can. They are also activities that keep you focussed on extracting abstract thoughts from your mind and giving them shape, form, and color. In this way, you can channelize your negative thoughts and emotions and turn them into something positive.

The greatest ideas always spark from abnormality. With that being said, design something small but fun! Whether it’s a model home, new advancements for futuristic cars or boats, or even just ideas for the perfect wedding or party! Take advantage of the fact that your mind has surpassed the expectations of normalcy and design an addition to a room or vehicle that could benefit someone’s future needs! And who knows — maybe your idea could become a reality! 

  1. People Watching  

Intensify your empathy by simply watching the people around you. Go people-watching at your local mall or grocery store and see how much you can learn from their shopping habits, body language, facial expressions, and straight-up vibes! Think of the act of people watching as a personal sociology lesson of how we, as humans, react in certain situations. How many of their emotions will you be able to feel? If you’re not in the mood to get that deep, then simply viewing what kind of funny situations people end up in is always entertaining enough to satisfy your boredom. You never know what’s really going on until you start looking for it on purpose! People watching also makes for a great story to tell your friends, especially when you formulate your own backstory to each person you see! Don’t think of it as creepy, think of it as energetic entertainment to boost the creative side of your mind. After all, your mind is already riding the waves of positive vibes, so why not take advantage of those feel-good vibes and do something fun! 

  1. Explore a Bookstore

One of the best things to do when you’re high is to go to a physical bookstore. Bookstores are filled with endless possibilities of interests, facts, and information that you never knew you cared about! Especially because you’re by yourself, the distraction of your friends and what they think is cool won’t be there to pull you away from that rare book section you’ve never noticed before.

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Since your mind is already searching for positive art and new ideas, opening real books in a bookstore will never be a disappointment! Furthermore, there are tons of different types of people roaming around those kinds of shops, and being high opens up your ability to feel the energy and vibes that others give off — and this ability isn’t as apparent in your normal state of mind. So, go check out that random bookstore that you’ve walked by a thousand times and see what’s inside! We guarantee that you will feel like you’re walking into a crazy story just by opening the door! Plus, you can’t beat the smell of books and paper! 

  1. Connect With Nature

If you’re out there traveling in the mountains and countryside, then hit a Sativa strain and go hiking. Cannabis is a completely natural product, and consuming it inspires a lot of love for Mother Nature. Lush greenery begins to look greener, blue waters begin to look bluer and the setting of the evening sun seems more spectacular than ever before when you’re high and hiking.

And if you don’t like nature, try walking around a neighborhood that has a lot of money. For some reason, a rich person’s world is just always way cooler when you’re high and open to the beauty that they possess. From their perfectly trimmed bushes and trees to the gardens of flowers they pay to be planted, a street full of money can be an amazing sightseeing experience, especially when any sort of resentment is replaced by pure appreciation!

We all know how much more attracted our senses are to colors and shapes when we’re stoned, so even just the windows, doors, and outside curb appeal will make you feel like you’re in a garden built by fairies and magic! If you’re not quite in a position to seek out a street adopted by those with money, then a simple walk through nature or even your own street will be a calming and satisfying experience. There is always some path you’ve never seen or some carving on a tree that you’ve managed to miss otherwise. The art within nature is probably one of the most satisfying experiences that will let your happy mind think and oven it up to even more chill vibes! 

  1. Put on Your Chef Hat

You don’t have to be a professional to cook something at home, especially when your mind is open to brand new combinations of flavor and texture! It’s always fun to pretend to pretend that you’re on the tv show Chopped — so start by working with what you have and see what new favorite snack you come up with!

If you're at home, try Making Your Own Cannabutter Edibles

If you’re in the mood to really go all out, go to the grocery store and pick out a few items that you’ve never actually tried, and mix them in with your homemade stoner snack concoction! If your mind is more into the learning experience type of fun, then google a recipe you’ve always wished you could make, and simply teach yourself how to cook it! So, increase your flavor creativity and your cooking skills by coming up with a brand new, favorite snack! 

  1. Make the Trip Musical

Music can make every cannabis trip special. If you’re high on an Indica strain, why not just laze on the couch and put on some trippy music? What makes music so much fun when you are high on cannabis is that you can distinguish every layer and sound within a song if you listen closely. It’s a sort of trip that can make even the most familiar songs feel new.

However, if you’re high on a Sativa-dominant strain, then maybe you should start writing your own songs. Singers, drummers, guitar players, bassists and all other musicians, amateur or pro, love to hit a joint and jam. It’s an activity that gets the creative musical juices flowing and makes time fly.

Closing Thoughts

Last but not the least, if all else fails or you’ve just had some really potent edibles or bong hits and can’t seem to move a muscle, why not just watch your favorite TV show till you pass out?

Remember, no matter what, always enjoy responsibly and safely!