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Best 510 Thread Battery

by Angel Ferrer 6 min read


Best 510 Thread Vape

It doesn’t matter whether you vape CBD or THC — to get the best results, you need a reliable battery. Those designated as 510 thread batteries are one of the oldest types and have years of research behind them. Despite being a little older, the best510 thread battery is the popular choice for most vapers.

Which model is best? With so many brands on the market, this is a matter of much debate. 

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In this post, we’ll look at the top models of 510 thread vape pens and batteries on the market today. We’ll then discuss the benefits of using 510 thread vapes and how to get the most out of your purchase. 

Types of 510 Thread Vapes

Kandypens Special-K Weed Pen

You don’t get much better than the sleek and sexy Kandypens Special-K, designed to be discreet. This high-quality pen’s battery has a lifetime guarantee. Few manufacturers would risk that type of warranty without good reason. 

The battery features temperature control and has three different heat settings and two 1 mL tanks. The most fun part is to find all the accessories to match your new purchase. 

PCKT One Plus Weed Pen

If you’re careless and need a powerful pen that’s difficult to break, the PCKT One Plus might be the right choice. The body is metal, so it’s resistant to bumps. The design looks nothing like an ordinary vape pen, so it flies under the radar.

It has a 660 mAh battery capable of achieving three heating levels. It’s perfect for CBD or THC oil cartridges. This upscale device even has a gold, magnetic adaptor to make it easy to change the canister. 

Vessel Compass Weed Pen

What sets the Vessel Compass design apart is its power. The 550 mAh battery delivers a charge of between 2.8 volts and 3.6 volts. Charge the battery with a standard USB-C charger. 

Compatible with many 510 thread canisters, the ergonomic design looks nothing like a vape pen. It keeps your oil secure and delivers the perfect level of airflow. 

Vessel Wood Series Weed Pen  

The Vessel Wood Series is a luxury model that comes in a range of designs. The 240 mAh battery delivers three different heat settings. It’ll allow you to vape almost any 510 canisters in style. 

You may use a magnetic charging cable or buy the charging dock separately. 

O2VAPE Flip Ultra 510 Pen

This pen looks like a high-tech gadget. It uses advanced technology to bring you all the statistics that you need. The display shows battery life, puff count, and voltage setting. 

Where the O2VAPE Flip Ultra shines is in pure power. The power ranges between 2.7 volts and 4.8 volts thanks to the powerful 650 mAh battery. Charge it via lightning or micro USB cable. 

Linx Hypnos Zero Battery

The 650 mAh battery gives you plenty of vaping power. Hypnos is available in a trippy iridescent finish or a traditional stainless-steel finish. It’s a high-quality model that works with many cartridges and the Hypnos Atomizer. 

Kandypens C-Box Pro Weed Oil Pen

If you need a discreet option, it doesn’t get much better than the Kandypens C-Box Pro. The design resembles a high-tech key fob and has a height of only 3 inches, making it easy to hide.

You may customize your vaping experience with four heat settings. With a maximum voltage of 4 volts, the 390 mAh battery delivers the biggest punch on our list. Charge up for the next round with a micro USB cable.  

What Is a 510 Thread Vape Pen?

The eGo-T was one of the first batteries that Joyetech made specifically for vape pens. The engineers dubbed it “510 thread” because it fits into tanks with a 0.5mm thread with ten divisions. It’s not the most inspired named, perhaps, but it was a smart design. 

Today, most threaded vape pens feature the 0.5 mm threading. Most tanks and atomizers meet this standard, making it easier to find replacement parts. The number of threads may differ, but it’s the battery size more than anything else that ensures compatibility. 

Tips for Using 510 Thread Vapes For Oil

The design is more suited to use with oil cartridges. If you hear someone talking about a 510 vape, they’ll use it with these cartridges. If you see this term, and the price looks too high, relax. The slang term “510 thread vape” usually refers to the whole pen, tank and battery included. 

Other terms you’ll come across are: 

  • Battery: The power supply warms up the tank, atomizing the liquid and transforming into a gas. 
  • Cartridges: You fill these with oil, vape juice, or some other form of liquid. You may also buy empty cartridges to fill with whatever liquid you like. 

Are There Different Sorts of 510 Thread Vape Batteries? 

The original design looked like a pen. If you have an older version, you’ll see that it’s slim but relatively dull. They’ve undergone a redesign leaving many looking like mini vape mods. Your options today include:

Classic Pen Style

The original classic pen style was one of the best. The batteries were about the same width as the cartridges. You activate most by drawing them, so there are no buttons with which to fiddle. If that doesn’t appeal to you, look out for one with a power button. 

Many models have LED lights to indicate that they’re on, so you don’t run down the battery accidentally. Older versions need a similar charger to the eGo models. More modern versions have a USB port built into them. 

Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, you may get variable voltage or a low-voltage pulse setting. The latter heats the oil gently, reducing the dosage that you get in one puff. 


The eGo style refers to the very first design used for the tanks. They often feature dual threads, and so they are versatile. With dual threading, they may hold either an eGo type tank or a 510 atomizer tank. 

You’ll need to push the firing button to activate the device. Some models have LED lights so that the tip resembles a burning cigarette. The lights also let you know that the pen is working. 

They used to all come with a separate charging unit. Today eGo’s typically have a USB port built into them. 

510 Oil Mods

The latest in design, 510 oil mods look similar to a vape mod. The difference is that the 510 oil mods are more compact and usually lighter. They all feature the standard 510 threading. Some come with a magnetic adapter so that you can slide cartridges in more easily. 

There are several types on the market. Most require you to draw them to activate. More expensive models provide variable voltage settings and a firing button. 

Keychain Style

If you require something more discreet, consider the keychain style. Keychain style 510 thread vape batteries are smaller and disguised to look like a FOB key or keychain. Some versions include a button that, when pressed, makes the 510 connections pop out. 

E-Pipe Style

The e-pipe style batteries are a nostalgic bid to a smoking bowl. E-pipe style 510 thread vape batteries look similar to a pipe. Many of them use magnetic adaptors, making it easy to swap out your cartridges. Remove the empty one and drop in the new one. 

Vape Mods

You’ll need to check the vape mod before you buy one, but some work with oil cartridges. To do so, they must have the right layout. The air must be able to flow through the bottom, and they must have the 510 connection. 

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Mods such as the Eleaf Pico are good examples of this type. 

Advantages of Using 510 Vape Batteries

Good 510 thread vapes are better than the regular pen-style models in many ways. The batteries last longer despite being smaller and more discreet. Newer types incorporate top LCD and LED technology. 

What’s made them a hit with oil users is their:

  • Better battery life
  • Ease of use
  • Low weight
  • Portability
  • Cross compatibility with many atomizers
  • Reliable power supply and connection 

How To Get the Most From Your 510 Vape Battery

It’s easy to use the 510 thread vape. It takes some trial and error to get the optimal dose, but if you start with small puffs, you’ll be fine. 

When using the different cartridges, consider these tips: 

  • If you have an older model, you may also have a silica wick. If that’s the case, and you’re able to change the voltage, be careful. Stick to a maximum volt of 2.8 so that the hits don’t dry out or taste burnt. 
  • CCELL cartridges have better wicks. With these types, you can crank up the voltage to about 3.3 volts. Double-check the owner’s manual to be sure, but these types are hardier than the silica wicks. 
  • If your device uses a ceramic coil system, set the voltage to at least 3.3 volts. Your options here are limited, as you shouldn’t go above 3.6 volts. 
  • Check what the battery capacity of your model is. To see this, look at the milliamp-hour reading, which will usually say mAh. The higher this figure is, the longer your battery will last. 

Ready To Find the Best 510 Thread Battery for You?

Have a look through our selection of vape pens, and you’ll find the perfect match.