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Best Butane Torches for Dabbing

by Christy Coy 3 min read

Best Butane Torches for Dabbing

Best Torches to Dab With

Anyone who dabs has likely felt the pressure of picking out the proper dab tools that will make your experience hassle-free. One of the most significant pieces of the puzzle for dabbing perfection is the butane torch. 

Here at Hemper, we would happily argue that the importance of finding a good torch is parallel to finding a good dab nail. The torch is a compact and portable device that discharges pressurized butane gas to create a concentrated flame as hot as 2,610 degrees Fahrenheit. Dont forget to also choose a stellar Dab Rig to go with if you don't already have one.  Looking for something a little smaller, check out our collection of mini dab rigs.

This intense heat's primary use is to heat a nail or banger, usually either quartz, titanium, or ceramic in material. One perk is that torches are refillable. Due to their convenience, torches are widely sought after by dabbers because they are available at most smoke shops, are very affordable, and put the user in control of their nail temp. 

But with such a wide array of options, how can one possibly make an educated decision? We at Hemper are seasoned in the sport of dabbing and have tried all of the below products. We want to make sure our customers can make their choice based on an expert recommendation. Below are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping around and some product recommendations that you can view on our site right now.

Tokin’ Tips for Buying a Dab Torch

  • Flame Power: A proper butane torch will offer consistent firepower, meaning there’s no sputtering of butane, the user can secure the torch, and the flame stays constant throughout the heating process.
  • Control Factor: Purchasing a torch with a dial will allow you to adjust the flame size, depending on whether you like your dabs hot and huge or low temp for taste.
  • Style: There are many different finishes and sizes of torches to choose from. Make sure you pick one that matches your needs and looks great with your setup.


The new mini torch from Newport has a large capacity and has an instant start option. It is small and perfect for travel. The adjustable flame control combines with a flame lock and a stable base to make this a simple torch to use.


The Medium Torch from Newport has a standard capacity and, like the mini, has an instant start via its piezo ignition. It features an adjustable flame dial that combines with a flame lock for convenience and control.


If you are looking for something bigger, the new Jumbo Torch from Newport has a large capacity and, like the others, offers a convenient instant start, adjustable flame control, and flame lock. The main difference you will find with this larger torch is butane capacity and flame size. 


The Big Shot features a powerful 2500ºF turbo flame and up to 60 minutes of continuous burn time. Another fantastic feature is the detachable base for hands-free work, all in a lightweight, portable design. It also features an attractive black finish that looks great with any dab setup.


The Big Buddy Turbo heats up quickly and is ready to go in seconds. It also features a 2500ºF turbo flame and up to 60 minutes of continuous burn time. It features either stainless steel or black finish. 

Shop The Best Butane Torches For Dabbing

Moral of the Story: Dabbing doesn’t have to be complicated. We have a lot of unique products that will give you an elite experience. Check out the reviews on these torches today, and let us know what you think once you’ve tried one!

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