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Best Freeze Pipes

by Angel Ferrer 5 min read

Best Freeze Pipes

Cooler Than Your Best Friend, These Freeze Pipes DELIVER

Freeze Pipes offer a truly unique experience with your herb, capable of delivering the SMOOTHEST, RICHEST, COOLEST hits on the planet.

Taking advantage of cooling chambers (many of which are freezable), and glycerin infused coils, these freeze pipes can cool smoke by more than 300 degrees.

In this guide we cover some of the BEST FREEZE PIPES on the market, and why you might want to cool it before you invest in your next glass piece…

The Best Freeze Pipes for Chilling out and Toking Up

Freeze Pipe Gravity Bong

More than just a neat ‘party trick’, the gravity bong from freeze pipe has long been a favorite among experienced tokers, with just a few rips providing more than enough to send you into the stratosphere.

Powered by funneled water, this gravity bong encompasses all of the usual benefits, including a highly concentrated pull that is fueled by increasing water pressure, resulting in unbelievable rips.

But this gravity bong features something special…an integrated glycerin coil that enhances smoothness and cools the air prior to reaching your lips and lungs. The result? One of the smoothest rides in the galaxy.

Featuring a honeycomb style bowl for amble herbage, duel glycerin coils for extreme cooling, a straight tube chamber and a stature of 12”, this gravity bong is one you simply can’t go without.

Freeze Pipe Recycler

Everything you love about freeze pipes, combined with the smooth and gentle pulls of a recycler. Unlike traditional bongs that move water up and down, this recycler offers a continual spiraling of smoke, effortlessly spinning clouds with each pull and continuously filtering and cooling for a suburb, mouthwatering flavor profile and rich smooth feel.

Heralded for improved percolation, minimal airflow resistance, unparalleled filtration and it’s impressive ability to bring out the best flavors in your herb of choice, this recycler should be part of everyone’s stash.

Freeze Pipe Bubbler

Bubbles aren’t just for kids. This bubbler features a freezable glycerin infused hand pipe that fits onto an included water tank.

What’s cooler than being cool? Combining a FROZEN pipe with a cold water tank for the smoothest crisp, wintery cool rips you’re lungs have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

But it gets better. Housed within the cold water tank is an integrated 6-tree arm percolator for superior water filtration with every pull, resulting in double cooling AND double filtration.

Freeze Pipe Nectar Collector

We all love dabbing. But sometimes the rig can be a bit unwieldy and awkward. Forget about all of that with the Freeze Pipe Nectar Collector, an innovative portable dab rig that combines simplicity of use with creative engineering to elevate your experience.

Vertical in design, this nectar collector features a straw mouthpiece and a titanium tip. When heated to the desired temperature, this tip can be applied to any concentrate to produce a plume of thick, full-bodied smoke ready for cooling and filtration.

Speaking of which, the integrated freezable glycerin coil offers the perfect ratio of cooling and water filtration, offering a level of smoothness typically only had by larger, bulkier rigs.

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Worried about dropping this marvel of pipe engineering? Don’t be. Featuring stability legs to prevent rolling around, and impressively thick glass, coupled with masterful craftsmanship, this nectar collector is as durable as it is enjoyable.

Freeze Pipe E-Nail

The ultimate in hyper-personalization and control, E-nails have long been the preferred way to dab, eliminating the need for a blow torch, and offering an unparalleled level of precision.

Digital LED readouts tell you just how hot your e-nail is (ranging from 200-750 degrees), as well as the time to ‘cool down’ and battery life.

Portable and lightweight, this pipe can accommodate both 18mm as well as 14mm bowls, and features a top-loading fill chamber, ensuring you can quickly and safely add wax without the risk of burns.

Best of all, it is compatible with the entire line of Freeze Pipe recyclers and bongs. When convenience, reliability, and precision temperatures are paramount, the Freeze Pipe E-nail is what you need.

Freeze Pipe Bong

Cold as ice and twice as nice, the Freeze Pipe Bong takes advantage of nature’s own filtration system: water. Featuring a double-filtration system (base and coils), filtered smoke circulates through coils housed within a glycerin chamber for enhanced cooling.

Oversized coils improve airflow, while adding additional surface area to bring down temperatures, providing a superiorly smooth and flavorful experience that is easy on the lungs.

Freeze Pipe Dual Coil Bong

Everything customers love about the OG freeze bong has been upgraded in this dual coiled version. Featuring not one, but TWO glycerin chambers and DOUBLE percolators, this rig is something you have to experience first-hand to really understand why customers rave about it.

A must-have for anyone with a sensitive throat, nose or lungs, there is arguably no pipe on the market that creates a hit as smooth and glacier cool as this bong does.

Clocking in at a stout 20” in height, this bong is compatible with a generously sized 18mm bowl (included with purchase).

Freeze Pipe XL Bong

Sometimes, BIGGER really IS better. Do you enjoy having your bong as a centerpiece? Frequently have long sessions by yourself or with friends?

Then the Freeze Pipe XL Bong is for you. Taking everything we love about the OG Freeze Pipe Bong and SUPERSIZING it to perfection, this piece is as aesthetic as it is well-engineered.

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Why a bigger bong? More surface area, more water, and a bigger glycerin chamber means MORE cooling power, with big rips that are gentle on the lungs. This model’s two distinct types of percolators, an inline and a sprinkler, means that smoke is double filtered prior to reaching the cooling chamber, resulting in a silky-smooth finish. With an included 18mm bowl, there will be more than enough to pass around.

Freeze Pipe (hand pipe)

Put the capability and unbeatable smoothness of a freeze pipe in the palm of your hand. At home or on the go, this compact yet powerful freeze pipe brings everything but the heat.

Taking everything we love about freeze pipes and shrinking it into a compact and easy to take on the go hand pipe, this piece of glassware delivers the goods.

Featuring an integrated cooling chamber capable of reducing temperatures by upwards of 300 degrees, each pull is as smooth and cool as you aspire to be.

But that’s not all. Reloading hand pipes is always a hassle and never not a mess, requiring you to flip the pipe and bang it a bit to get out the remnant ash. Not with this Freeze Pipe. This pipe includes a removable honeycomb-style glass bowl, making re-packing bowls a breeze.

Chill Out with the Best Freeze Pipes

Once you’ve had the chance to experience a Freeze Pipe for yourself, you might never go back.