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Cool Cannabis Gear On The Market

by Christy Coy 5 min read


Best Accessories To Use With Cannabis

With the legalization of cannabis on the rise, the spectrum of cool cannabis and cannabis-related gear hitting the market is impressive. From smoking accessories and apparatus, to storage and decarboxylators for making your own edibles, the amount of cool cannabis gear is only limited by your imagination.

Although we can’t possibly cover it all in one guide, we’ll give you a brief rundown of cool cannabis gear worth taking a look at. If any of these items pique your interest, consider checking out the massive selection of innovative cannabis gear at 

So sit back, grab your favorite bong or pipe, and let’s dive in…

Innovative Cannabis Gear: The Hemper A-Dab-Ter

One innovative new product by our in house design team is the Hemper A-Dab-Ter. This device makes it possible to take bong rips using your vape pen together with your favorite water pipe. The universal silicone accessory creates the perfect seal between your vape pen mouthpiece and the joint on a rig or bong. Just attach your pen, plug the joint, and do the dab! Made with easy to clean, non-stick and heat resistant medical grade silicone, this device is durable and made to last. The universal fit works with round as well as flat-tipped vape pens.

Cool Cannabis Gear: New Bong Designs 

The Hemper Pineapple Rig

This popular piece is functional as well as compact, and features a full colored pineapple splash-guard which provides a smooth rip. The strategically placed pineapple sits just under the neck to prevent water from getting in your mouth. Water blasts up and ricochets down from the pineapple, creating a water cycle. This bong is seven inches tall with a 14mm female joint and flower bowl.

The Sea Turtle Bong

Check out Hemper's Sea Turtle bong, which comes in a variety of colors and features a functioning sea turtle perc and a globe style chamber. Because of it's rounded shape and straight neck mouthpiece, each rip gets a good wash in the water without splashing back in your mouth.


This UFO-themed bong is a dual-chamber rig which works to cool your vapors while preserving your terpenes. In the bottom chamber, a classic 6-slit inline perc is included for maximum diffusion. In the upper chamber, several venturi inlets pull in and spin air into a vortex of smooth smoke. 

The Lunar Rover Sidecar Rig 

The sidecar offers twice the volume, twice the percolation for big, smooth rips, with no splash-back. The two chambers provide twice the air volume and twice the air/water/smoke contact. The lower chamber features a classic 360 showerhead styled perc to rinse your smoke while the upper chamber gives your smoke a second spin to cool it off even more.

The Jane West Beaker 

This bong is made of borosilicate glass and accepts 14mm male accessories. It is 10 inches tall and has a base width of 6 inches. Designed by Jane West, this bong makes a beautifully discreet tabletop water pipe. The beaker’s fixed, diffused downstem and hand-finished joints ensure seamless use and resilience. The Beaker comes with a matching 14mm cobalt funnel bowl with a large capacity for herb.

Mini Jig Mini Rig 

The latest from MJ Arsenal, this piece is the first recycler of its kind. Featuring a single uptake pipe, water is drawn up and swirled to twice wash hot vapor into a cool draw. A base-connected percolator breaks up the vapor into tiny bubbles putting it closer into contact with cooling and purifying water. This recycler features an integrated storage chamber that allows you to safely house your materials.

Haring Water Pipe

Featuring the work of the renowned artist, Keith Haring, the K.Haring Water Pipe is 12.4-inches tall. This piece is precision-crafted from thick borosilicate glass that withstands extreme heat. The removable diffused downstem seats a spacious bowl with an airtight, ground glass connection. A seven-slit showerhead percolator produces fine bubbles to moisturize, clean, and cool your smoke. The piece is designed with a fat-lipped mouthpiece, built-in ice catcher, and splashguard for comfortable draws.

10'' Inches TallBottom of Form


HEMPER Puck Bong 

This piece features a larger chamber and more percolating power than the classic Puck bong, with an extended in-line percolator with extra diffusion slits. The HEMPER Showerhead Puck Bong V2 is 7 inches tall and includes a 14mm male flower bowl.

The HEMPER Showerhead Beaker 

This rig features a bent neck and a dropped showerhead percolator. The bent neck design is a unique look, but also serves to move the mouthpiece further from the heat source and act as a splashguard, preventing accidental water inhalation. You can watch this concentrate rig or water pipe function through the translucent glass. 

Monthly Subscription Boxes

Hemper is the leader and innovator in the market of subscription boxes full to the brim with cool cannabis gear.


Although many options exist, the subscription box generally contains 10 unique items with anestimated value of the items included $125+ dollars in value for a steal: only $39.99.  Hemper’s product development team is always innovating, designing, and developing unique smoking accessories to put into your curated smoking subscription box. Boxes are shipped in a discreet mailer bag with no branding on the outside. 

Cool Cleaning Supplies 

Cleaning and maintenance might not be “cool” in the traditional sense…but the new and innovative cannabis gear out there makes this “chore” a breeze.


Hemper Co carries all the cleaning supplies you need for your dab rigs and bongs.Pick up a universal cleaning plug which can also be used to create a tight seal while transporting. TryHEMPER Tech Alcohol Freshwipes. These wipes feature one scrubby side for removing build-up on any surface, and one smooth side for polishing to get the hardest spots or polish your bongs, bowls and dab tools to perfection.

You can also pick up a 270mL Bottle of Kryptonite Cleaner. The whole line of Klear Kryptonite cleaning products is a top choice for connoisseurs nationwide. This clay-based cleaning formula will make your glass pipes, bongs, oil and dab rigs look brand new. Just apply Kryptonite to the inside of your piece and shake to coat the inside.  Then let it sit and soak for 20-30 minutes, rinse with hot water. Old oil and residue in your smoking devices makes your smoke taste bad and it’s not very healthy either. 

Hemper tech Snapcap alcohol swabs are the perfect tool for getting that stubborn and sticky residue from all the nooks and crannies of even your small pieces of cannabis gear. The isopropyl alcohol-based solution powers through resin and oil that’s left in the corners of your pieces. Use them on your quartz bangers, flower bowls, glass pipes, dab rigs and more. Remove residue quickly and easily no matter where you’re at. Just crack the blue-lined tip of the swab and allow the alcohol solution to flow to the other tip. By cleaning regularly you can avoid getting your pieces clogged and becoming unusable. The alcohol swabs are perfect for cleaning while on the go!

Pick up a HEMPER Tech cleaning bundle which includes swabs, wipes, cleaner and caps.

Best Cannabis Gear

In today’s market, you don’t have to look hard to find the coolest cannabis gear on the market. Hemper carries a broad selection of some of the industry’s best, latest and most innovative cannabis gear sure to turn heads and take your sessions to the next level.