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Bong Names From Around The World

by Angel Ferrer 4 min read

Bong Names From Around The World

Worldwide Bong Names

Whatever affectionate term you may have given your smoking apparatus, there are many unique, fun, and descriptive words used to say “bong”. This article explores a few of the terms that others use to refer to their smoking pieces. So, sit back, take a hit, and learn about these bong names from around the world!

Whether you plan on traveling someday, are new to smoking terms, or just want to educate yourself on different ways in which bongs are referred to, this guide is full of interesting information to help you on your quest. We’ll even cover some quirky names of affection that some smokers have given to their very own personal devices.

One thing is certain, the smoking and cannabis community is a fascinating one, full of remarkable users with creative minds and funny bong names. Taking a closer look at the history behind these names is a fun and interesting journey that we’re happy to take you on.

What terms have you heard for bongs? No matter where you smoke or how you like to consume, read on to get the scoop on bong names from all over the globe…

Common Names and Regional Names for Bongs

Depending on where you live, or what type of bong you have, you may have heard some of these names when referring to certain types of bongs or devices, while others yet are less well-known and have an interesting history behind them.

As you read through these think about which is your favorite…

  1. Bubbler – This term is well-known to refer to small water pipes. These smaller pipes are portable and great when traveling or on the go. The term bubbler comes from the sound that is made by the water bubbling as you inhale.
  2. Chillum – This word refers to clay pipes in India. These are often used by young professionals and adults for smoking herb. Although these pipes had begun fading from use, they have recently become trendy again.
  3. Chalice – This word usually associated with a drinking cup is popular in Jamaica for referring to a specific water pipe. This pipe has a water chamber with a hose or a draw tube to inhale through. While this sounds similar to a hookah, there are many differences between the two. Chalices hold religious significance in Rastafarian culture.
  4. Bowl – Used to refer to the part of the bong where the smoking materials are placed, bowl is a common terminology among smokers. This term refers to pipes of many different varieties and shapes, as long as the bowl itself is present.
  5. Gator – This term originates in Australia. Homemade bongs can be created through the use of a bottle of Gatorade, which led to this nickname. At least it does not refer to the animal!
  6. Pipe, Hitter, or Bat – Hitters and bats are different types of pipes. Hitters and bats are smaller, straight pieces. These can also be referred to as “one-hitters”, “oney bats”, and “pinch hitters”. Spoon Pipes can also be included in this group.
  7. Buang – This is the Taiwan term for bamboo bongs used in ancient Asia. This is believed to be where the word ‘bong’ comes from.
  8. Chipper – Chipper is used to refer to pipes. “Feed the chipper” means pack the pipe.

Beyond these names, smokers often come up with hilarious names for their personal devices. The list below is just a sample of fun names.

Pet Names for Bongs

The puns and jokes are strong in the stoner community. People love to name their own pieces, and they love to have fun with the process.

Here are a few examples of creative bong naming:

  • Bongye West
  • Barack Obanga aka the Commander in Kief
  • LeBong James
  • Puff Daddy
  • Bong Solo
  • Bong Travolta
  • Jay and Silent Bong
  • Bongkey Kong
  • The Rolling Stoned
  • Willy Bongka
  • Jon Bong Jovi
  • Long Bong Silver
  • Wesley Pipes
  • Tim Tebowl
  • George W. Kush
  • Dank Sinatra
  • Sylvester Stillstoned
  • Bong Burgundy

As you can see, the community is very creative! A fun activity is to come up with a list of your own! Before you know it, you and your buddies may be rolling…on the floor, that is!

Not every name is humorous, however. You can name your bong Stanley, or you can give it a meaningful name.

What’s in a Name?

The names given to bongs in different countries reflect history, tradition, and usage. Names given to personal devices reflect tastes, humor, and developing attachment. Our pieces are special to us, and what better way to form a bond than to name your favorite pieces?

Whether you are looking at Jamaica, India, or the good ol’ United States, there are many different ways to refer to bongs. Each name reflects a different part of the smoking culture.

Bong Names are as Unique as the Community

Whether a regional term, a name from a tradition, or a personal term for your favorite device, bong names are a reflection of those who name them and use them. It is easy to appreciate the humor and the calm manner of those who enjoy smoking from them.

Understanding the history of bongs helps you enjoy them more, also. Each name comes from a development of smoking culture and apparatuses across differing geographies and cultures. How many unique names can you find?

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