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Build Your Own Hemper Essentials Box

by Christy Coy 4 min read

Build Your Own Hemper Essentials Box

Choose Your Essentials - Get Them Every Month!

Gone are the days of outdated headshops with lackluster product selections, shoddy quality, and expensive prices. Smokers today have it good. With brands like Hemper leading the way in innovation, quality, performance, design, and selection, smokers around the world can enjoy their favorite herb any way they like, whenever they like, without having to worry about running out of supplies. With Hemper’s unique smoking subscription box, you’ll never be without all of the essentials you need to have a good toke, and can experiment with and enjoy a range of cutting edge and novelty products designed to inspire and perform like no other.

But what’s better than a subscription box of professionally curated items to enhance your smoking experience? How about a box that you build yourself to get your favorite essentials for one low price?

That’s right! Everyone knows about the premium Hemper Subscription Box, but few have checked out their new Build-A-Box Core.

The Build-A-Box is like the best of both worlds— you get some of the best items on the market, but you get to curate the box’s contents based on your preferences. Do you miss that one wrap from one of last year’s boxes? Now you can find it and add it to your personal picks.

Did we mention it’s super affordable? You can get this custom experience for just $9.99 a box with a $2.99 shipping charge.

Set Your Timeline

The first step in customizing your experience is setting how often you need said experience. Are you a light smoker who only stocks up every few months? Or do you find that you constantly run out of one thing or another?

You can be either of the above scenarios or someone in between. All Hemper subscriptions offer the timeline choices:

  • Every Month
  • Every Two Months
  • Every Three Months

  • The frequency also determines how often you pay that ten dollars. You only pay for the months you receive. If your wallet is feeling pretty light, you can pick the Build-A-Box Box every three months to get all of your essentials.

    Choose From Eight Categories

    Hemper’s custom box comes with six items of your choice. You have complete control over what items go in the box. If you want three types of papers, two filters, and a lighter, you got it. Cones, cones, and more cones? Yours for the taking!

    Your six items can be taken from multiple categories or one alone.  

    As for categories, customers have a total of eight from which to choose:

  • Papers
        • Hemper offers a variety of blanks from well-known brands like RAW and OCB. You can choose based on brand, size, or make. Organic rolling papers are included in the selection.
  • Wraps
        • Redefine your sesh with flavored hemp wraps. Find your favorite flavor to order again and again, or mix it up and try them all. Wraps offer a slow burn, and using hemp eliminates the harshness of nicotine and tobacco.
  • Cones
        • IF rolling papers aren’t your thing, you can also choose from a selection of pre-rolled cones. Clients pick from Natural and Classic cones in Standard or King size. Simply add in your ground herb, twist the end, and you’re all set.
  • Flavored Papers
        • If your tired of standard papers that simply hold your herb and burn, then this category is for you. Juicy Jay’s offers a variety of natural flavors and aromas to take your sesh to new heights.
  • Filters
        • Hemper offers perforated and classic filter tips. Then they shake things up with the Hemper Glass Filter Tip. It offers all the benefits of a filter tip while being reusable; a quick soak in alcohol is all you need between each sesh.
  • Lighter
        • Whether you smoke herbs or tobacco, Hemper has a lighter for you. From the standard BIC lighter to the specially-crafted Clipper lighters— they even offer a windproof torch.
  • Cleaning
        • Everything you need to keep your rigs clean. Swabs, cotton buds, bristle bundles, and more!
  • Accessories
      • Hempwicks, doob tubes, and more— this category holds what didn’t fit in the other seven. Air fresheners and smell-proof bags can be found here if you’re looking for more discretion.

    Did we mention all of the choices? Because, man, do you have your pick for these boxes! You can pack and repack your subscription box until you find the perfect combo— or just keep switching it up as you please! Each item has a short description window, or you can use the online chat to talk to the Hemper pros themselves if you have questions.

    Hemper subscriptions also offer a new level of privacy in your shopping. You not only choose items from the comfort of your own home but also receive your subscription in discreet, non-branded packaging.

    Build A BoxPlus

    But, wait— there’smore! Hemper Build Your Own boxes also come in an enhanced version: instead of the Core, you can upgrade to the Plus. The Plus comes in at an inexpensive $21.99 (plus shipping). So, what’s the difference?

    While the Core offers six essential items, the Plus adds a premium item on top. Debowlers, keepers, rolling trays, ashtrays, and more make up the list of premium items. You still have full control over your box, the power to pick your items and the privacy of discreet shopping and delivery. The premium item is a cherry on top— and still 100% your pick.

    Find Your Favorites

    The Build-A-Box subscription offers the chance to curate your own experience; you get to receive your favorite products for one amazingly low price in a discreet mailer. You have the freedom to pick the products you want from the privacy of your own home— nosy neighbors can’t even tell what you ordered based on the package (and you don’t have to worry about who’s hanging around the shopping plaza). Hemper values the privacy of its clients; and now, they have a new way to value their client’s choices.

    So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to and check out the Build-A-Box Subscription!