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December HEMPER Box Announcement

by Angel Junior 2 min read

December HEMPER Box Announcement

HEMPER is sliding into December in the iciest way possible, with the all new, original HEMPER Snowglobe bong!  This custom designed bubbler features a full-size Showerhead percolator topped with an iconic Snowman.

We are also including our newly released HEMPER Keeper™ 3-in-1 grinding & storage solution.  It is the best portable grinder on the market, designed to be convenient, as well as intelligent, and powerful.

The HEMPER Keeper™

The Keeper™ is the first portable grinder on the market that features two different storage compartments, allowing you to store your ready-to-grind herb separately from your already-ground material. No need to waste time picking your unground herb from the grounds; the HEMPER Keeper™ keeps them apart for an easy on-the-go solution.

Check out our Full Keeper™ Article here.

Read on to see what else you can expect to receive in the December HEMPER box!


New HEMPER Tin Ashtray

HEMPER Tin Ashtrays

HEMPER Tech Freshwipes

HEMPER Tech Alcohol Freshwipes are disposable clothes treated with a proprietary cleaning agent to remove any buildup on your apparatus. Simply grab and apply to any surface to eliminate grime and germs!  

HEMPER Tech Hempwick

HEMPER Tech Hempwick

Hempwick is an all-natural alternative for all your lighting-up needs.

HEMPER Perforated Filter Tips

This is a pack of 50 premium, perforated HEMPER filter tips.  They are unbleached and made of all natural hemp fiber for a simple and effective sesh, every time.

Perforated tips make it easy to roll up that classic "W" filter to prevent accidental Scooby snacks!  

RAW King Size Papers

Raw Kingsize Smoking Papers are a totally natural vegan rolling paper, completely unbleached and made from unrefined paper.

RAW Clipper Lighter

The Clipper is our favorite lighter on the market featuring a flint that is detachable to double as a poking tool!

Holiday HEMPER Slap Stickers

HEMPER Christmas Slap Stickers


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