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Do CBD Gummies Expire? What You Need to Know

by Hemper Co 4 min read

Do CBD Gummies Expire? What You Need to Know

Most people are familiar with the benefits of CBD, and many who partake choose gummies as their preferred medium. That’s no surprise, since who wouldn’t love a sweet candy that also provides tons of benefits? 

As with most edibles, one common question is if CBD gummies also have a shelf life. While they won’t always go bad like other foods, they can lose their potency over time.

If you’re a conscious consumer and you want to know whether you should worry about CBD gummies’ shelf life, welcome to our latest guide. We’re going to discuss everything you need to know to put your mind at ease when enjoying your favorite zero-high edible. 

What Are Gummies Made Of?

Gummies are made primarily from starch, gelatin, sugar, and sometimes pectin along with natural and artificial flavors. Some manufacturers change this up and swap ingredients like gelatin for a vegan alternative.

Depending on the brand, gummies can also include other additives like preservatives, dyes, and sugar coatings to enhance the presentation and flavor. Combining all of these ingredients together results in a chewy, sweet, and flexible medium for vitamins and supplements.

A gummy-based vitamin or supplement differs from candy in the sense that it contains an active ingredient. As an example, the active ingredient in CBD gummies is the cannabidiol itself.

What’s the Average Shelf-Life of CBD Gummies? 

The shelf-life of CBD gummies often depends on how well they are stored. If kept in a dry storage area in a cool to moderate temperature and out of direct sunlight, most CBD gummies should last 9 months to 1 year before their potency is significantly impacted. 

To ensure the freshness and effectiveness of your gummies, it's best to store them in an airtight container at room temperature or in the refrigerator— whatever works best for you. It's also important to note that after their expiration date has passed, gummies won't necessarily be harmful; however, they may not offer the same high-quality effects that fresh ones do.

Can Gummies Expire Before You Open Them? 

Sometimes, gummies can indeed expire before you’ve had a chance to try one of them. This comes down to the quality of the packaging and how well the container is sealed. 

In transit, gummy packages could be knocked around which can result in them prematurely opening or their seals breaking. If you’re buying gummies at the store or you’ve received an online order in the mail, check the seals on the package to make sure they’re intact. Torn or opened seals can indicate that the gummies have experienced prolonged exposure to oxygen.  

Tips for Extending the Shelf-Life of Your CBD Gummies

Choose High-Quality CBD Gummies 

Due to CBD’s sharp rise in popularity, it seems like everyone is trying to add it to a gummy and sell it. Avoid purchasing from a retailer that does not specialize in cannabinoid products. Gas  station or corner store CBD items will not offer the same quality as something bought from a reputable headshop. 

Store Gummies in a Cool, Dry Area 

Even when in their containers, keep the gummies away from any space where moisture or heat is common, such as the bathroom. Instead, keep them on a shelf or a cabinet where you can easily reach them but can also remain out of reach of children if you have any that live in your home. 

Keep Containers Out of Direct Sunlight 

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause edibles to spoil and degrade. Keep your gummies away from windows to prevent UV damage from cutting their lifespan short. 

(Optional) Refrigerate Them 

Fortunately, your fridge at home is a cool, dry, and dark place all at the same time. If you don’t want to leave your CBD gummies at the mercy of the cannabis gods, place them in the refrigerator to ensure freshness for longer. 

How to Tell When a Gummy Has Expired 

As we mentioned above, not all expired gummies are unsafe to eat. That doesn’t mean that you should not inspect them before eating as a safety precaution. 

Beyond the date on the package, how can you tell if a gummy has expired? There are a few tell-tale signs that you can watch for: 

  • The gummies appear hard, rigid, or dried-out 
  • Liquid has formed at the bottom of the container 
  • Mold, usually gray and fuzzy-looking, has grown on one or more of the gummies 
  • Gummies emit a strange odor that was not present before

If you notice any of the above, play it safe and dispose of your gummies. While tossing them will feel inconvenient at the time, you do not want to take your chances if the expired product has become contaminated. 

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