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HEMPER Tech Hempwick: Why You Should Use it!

by Angel Ferrer 2 min read

Why You Should Use a Hemp Wick

We've all done it, you light up with a traditional butane lighter, only to find that you're inhaling more butane flavor than anything else.  Finding an alternative to these smelly, fume-producing lighters is essential to a great smoking experience.

That’s where Hempwick comes in.

This simple product gives you a healthier, more flavorful alternative to lighting up with a butane lighter, while still being portable and easy-to-use!


Hempwick is an all-natural alternative for all your lighting-up needs. It’s great for:

Hempwick is a strong string coated in organic beeswax that you light with your lighter, then use it to light your bong, one hitter or other pipe. No more butane taste or fumes as you’re trying to light up! This is sure to become an essential part of your kit.


If you’ve ever lit your bowl and gotten a strong extra flavor, it’s likely that taste is coming from the butane lighter you’re using. If you’ve gone ahead and sucked that whole blue flame into your bowl just trying to get the very last bits of herb, you’ve directly inhaled butane!

In the short term, the butane fumes enter your respiratory system and, from there, can go directly into your bloodstream.  

When using Hempwick, you don’t have the direct danger of inhaling that butane, even accidentally. You can still use your butane lighter to light your Hempwick, but you then use the Hempwick to light your bowl. As a result, you will not suffer the nasty effects of either short-term or long-term butane exposure. Hempwick makes your smoking experience much safer and healthier!


On another note, using Hempwick saves you money! If you’re having trouble getting your bong to light, you have to hold down on the button to keep the flame going. This causes you to run out of butane more quickly, meaning you’re either replacing lighters or butane cartridges often.

With Hempwick, you’re using an easy-to-light string, meaning you use less fuel and go through fewer lighters. Not only that, but if you’re not putting a full butane flame on your glass pieces over and over again, they’re going to be at less risk of cracking or breaking, so you won’t have to replace them as often.


It’s easy! Just follow these four simple steps for quick lighting that’s better for your health:

  1. Prepare your Hempwick by wrapping it around your Hemplight or Tokerpoker for easy use.

  2. Light your Hempwick.

  3. Use the lit Hempwick to light your bowl, cigar, or other item.

  4. On the Hemplight, pull the Hempwick back down to the metal choke to extinguish.

Start using Hempwick today! Grab a pack here.

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