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HHC vs Delta 8 - The Ultimate Vibe Comparison

by Angel Ferrer 3 min read

HHC Hemper

If you’re someone who has enjoyed hemp derived cannabinoids for a while or just starting to get into them, two types that you’ll frequently come across in stores or online are delta 8 and HHC. Both share an origin in the cannabis plant, but they fall into a federally legal category per the 2018 Farm Bill.

While delta 8 has been on the scene for a while now, HHC has also piqued the recent interests of many. Due to their shared popularity, they are often compared to one another when the time comes to stock up.

Are you looking to branch out and try something new? If so, either delta 8 or HHC could become your next favorite. To help you decide whether you want to try one of them, we’re going to highlight what they are and compare them to one another.

Comparing Delta 8 and HHC:

Delta 8

Anyone who has partaken in cannabinoids for some time knows about delta 8. Often called “diet weed,” many love the fact that it provides a mild psychoactive effect and is widely available in many different mediums and strains.

Depending on the strain you choose, Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid, you’ll experience a feeling similar to smoking THC but with less of an intense high. Unlike THC, delta 8 is also federally legal as of the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill.

If you were to ask a delta 8 user what it feels like, it’s often described as a relaxing, peaceful feeling that just adds that perfect extra buzz to even out your mood for the day. It’s never too intense or disorienting.

However, nothing is 100% perfect in life. Delta 8 can produce some side effects for certain individuals. For example, it can cause dry eyes or a dry mouth or a drowsy feeling. Be sure to stay hydrated when consuming.


Unlike delta 8, HHC is created synthetically. It was first introduced in 1947 when a chemist named Roger Adams developed a hydrogenated form of THC. Like delta 8, it is also a federally legal cannabinoid.

The feeling that results from smoking HHC or taking an HHC edible has been commonly described as a high similar to THC but with the same relaxed vibe that comes from delta 8. You could almost consider HHC a happy midpoint between delta 8 and THC.

Overall, if you were to contrast HHC with THC, THC would still provide a stronger psychoactive effect. If THC is 100% potency, HHC will clock in at about 70-80%.

Enjoying Delta 8 and HHC

Delta 8 and HHC are both widely available in vapes and edibles. However, because HHC is a synthetic cannabinoid, this does somewhat limit its availability in certain product categories.

For example, natural HHC flower simply does not exist, while delta 8 flower is readily available. Because of this, you can also find delta 8 in other forms such as:

HHC is not only limited to vapes and edibles, but its variety will be noticeably more restricted due to the lack of a natural flower. These two product categories are just the most common mediums that you will find this cannabinoid in.

Choosing Delta 8 or HHC

If you’re an experienced cannabinoid user, there’s more than a good chance that you’ve already smoked or eaten delta 8 at some point in your life. In that case, you may want to branch out and try HHC if you have not done so already.

For newcomers to cannabinoids, you could always start with delta 8 and move up to HHC if you find that you want something a little stronger over time. Start with something simple to use like a vape or gummies and then begin branching out as you become more comfortable.

On the reverse, if you are a longtime THC user and you’re looking for something with a milder high, HHC or delta 8 could satisfy the vibe you desire. Delta 8 will be the mildest of the two options and you can enjoy it in flower form if you prefer to use a bong, bowl, or another type of glass piece.

Get the Finest HHC and Delta 8 Products for Your Next Sesh

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Whether you frequently enjoy delta 8, HHC, or another cannabinoid, we have you covered. Shop our cannabinoid selections and smoking accessories, or contact us anytime to learn more.

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