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How to Clean Residue Off Weed Roll Trays

by Hemper Co 3 min read

How to Clean Residue Off Weed Roll Trays

For most seasoned stoners, weed rolling trays are more than just a surface to roll the perfect blunt or joint. They're also used as a convenient place to toss roaches and can be used as an ashtray when you're in a pinch. 

The typical rolling tray goes through a lot as your trusty rolling surface. The continuous exposure to ash, resin and whatever else happens to fall onto it can create quite a mess. To keep them looking (and smelling) their best, cleaning your rolling tray on at least a semi-regular basis is crucial. 

If you've never thought to clean your rolling tray, there's no day like today to get started. First let's go over some benefits of a clean rolling tray:

A More Even Surface for Rolling

Letting all of your roaches and residue build up on your rolling tray can make it look like a mountain range, filled with piles of ash and memories of joints. Obviously, this is far from ideal when you’re trying to evenly roll a joint or blunt. Regularly picking up your roaches and dusting off your ash can prevent this, making your tray much easier to roll on. 

Less Risk of Ripping Papers or Blunt Wraps

Another major annoyance that comes with a dirty tray is using it for rolling your paper or blunt wrap. An uneven surface can become a hassle for rolling that perfectly even joint or blunt for your sesh. Keeping a clean rolling tray is the best way to prevent this. 

Less Odor, and More Discreet

When a rolling tray has been heavily used but rarely cleaned, the smell of ash and roaches can quickly stink up an entire room or apartment. Regularly cleaning your tray will help to reduce any potent odors and make for a much more discreet accessory in your collection.

How to Clean a Rolling Tray by Material Type

Plastic Rolling Tray

When it comes to cleaning your rolling tray, it’s important to use the methods that work for the specific type of tray you have. 

For plastic trays, start by soaking it in dish soap and warm water for 20-30 minutes. If the resin is too stubborn to come off with dish soap, you can also use isopropyl alcohol and salt. This will help loosen any sticky substances and break down thick resin that could be stuck on the tray.

This method is less abrasive than using a dishwasher and will help your tray avoid any damage in the process. 

After soaking, gently scrape the remaining residue off the surface of the tray with a knife. You can then dry the tray with a soft cloth towel or paper towel.

Finally, feel the surface of the tray to make sure there are no pieces of resin left. If there are, repeat the process until it’s squeaky clean. 

Metal Rolling Tray

Unlike plastic trays, you’ll want to avoid soaking a metal tray as it could make it rust. Also, make sure that you don’t use a knife to scrape resin, as it can cause scratches on the metal surface.

What you’ll want to do is heat the resin with a heat source, such as a blow dryer set to high. Once the resin loosens and begins to melt, wipe the surface with isopropyl alcohol.

Repeat the process if you still feel bits of resin on the surface after it’s wiped down. 

Wood Trays

With wood trays, make sure to never use water, as the wood can become waterlogged, moldy, or start rotting over time. It’s recommended that you use a cleaner specifically designed for wood surfaces. This will be less likely to soak into the wood itself than water. 

To clear ash off the surface, use a vacuum so that it doesn't become trapped in the wood. Avoid using a heat source, as the resin could melt into the wood and become more stuck when it dries. 

Lastly, use a brush with firm bristles to scrape the remaining residue away. 

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