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How to: Dab on a Budget

by Christy Coy 3 min read

How to: Dab on a Budget

Dabbing is currently one of the hottest trends in the smoking community, but many smokers shy away from it in favor of methods that need less expensive equipment. But dabbing doesn’t have to be expensive. 

At HEMPER we have what you need to dab on a budget! Get these 4 affordable products to complete your dabbing kit all for under $50 each!

HEMPER Glass Oil Rigs

1. A RIG

The rig is the essential piece of dabbing equipment you absolutely need. Dab rigs are water pipes that typically are made of glass and used to melt wax, oil, shatter, or another form of concentrate. Without a properly designed rig, you won’t be able to dab correctly and you lose out on the experience.

For an affordable rig that’s well-designed and attractive to use, we recommend the Adam iLL x HEMPER Soda Cup Rig. This 6” tall rig is the ultimate in portability. Its unique design fits perfectly into your car’s cupholder, and its bent neck completes the look. The scientific glass is almost completely clear, allowing you to see more of what’s going on inside while you dab. 



To be able to properly heat the concentrate, you’ll need a quartz banger. The banger, also known as a dab nail, is what holds the concentrate while it’s being heated.  While many dab nails are made out of metal, the high temperatures needed for melting concentrates can leave a metallic taste. On the other hand, quartz bangers slowly heat the concentrate to release the terpenes without burning the concentrate or leaving an aftertaste.

We recommend a 14mm male high airflow quartz banger to go with your rig if you need to dab on a budget. Not only is it low-priced and durable, but the high airflow will allow you to get a better rip from fewer puffs. Quartz bangers are less prone to cracking than glass, so you’ll get a lot of mileage out of your purchase. 

HEMPER Lollipop Glass Dab Tool


Now that you’ve got a way to heat your quartz, you now need a way to transfer it from storage onto your banger. For this, you’ll need a dab tool. Basic dab tools are long, pointed tools made of metal, glass or ceramic. When dabbing, you need to heat the banger before adding the concentrate, and a dab tool allows you to make this transfer without burning yourself or getting too much concentrate on the banger, ultimately making a mess.

For a fun tool to dab on a budget, we recommend our house-made Lollipop Dab Tool. The 4” long dab tool is a glass stick topped with a lollipop-shaped carb cab that comes in various colors. After you’ve moved the concentrate onto the banger, use the carb cap end to restrict airflow to the melting concentrate for proper vaporization. This preserves both the flavor and the vapor for the best, most powerful hit you can get. Just don’t bite it!

Verdant Pro Flame Butane Dab Torch


Last but certainly not least, you will need a butane torch to officially start dabbing.  Your regular old lighter won't do the trick, the amount of heating your banger is going to need to properly melt the concentrate means you may burn your fingers before you’re done! Instead, a good butane torch is going to give you the high-heat burn you need with enough distance from your hand to make it safer.

If you want a small torch that packs a big flame, get the Verdant Pro Jetflame Torch. It’s got the power of a chef’s torch -like what’s used to make creme brulee - but is portable and easy-to-use. Choose from four vibrant colors to suit your individual tastes.

For other torch options, check out our article on the Best Dab Torches here.

Everything You Need to Dab Your Way

Whether you’re brand new to dabbing or a seasoned pro, we’ve got everything you need to dab on a budget here at HEMPER!  We’ve got the every day basics you need as well as some unique accessories you can’t find anywhere else. And if you like surprises, try our monthly subscription boxes!

Check out the full affordable dabbing collection here