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Non-Tobacco Wraps to Try This Year

by Hemper Co 3 min read

Non-Tobacco Wraps to Try This Year

Out of all the great ways that you can consume cannabis or your favorite alternative cannabinoid, smoking a blunt with tobacco wraps is far from the best. The tobacco leaves that blunt wraps are made of are not only very inefficient to smoke but also unhealthy.

Often, tobacco wraps are made from the same leaves that are used in cheap cigars, which contain addictive nicotine and generate massive waste. Not to mention that these wraps are also more expensive to buy individually each time you're ready for a sesh. 

These are just some of the many reasons why people are now switching over to non-tobacco wraps as a healthier and more cost-effective alternative. Instead of having to use low-grade tobacco leaves to wrap your flower, you can choose from a material like quality organic hemp without having to go through the hassle of gutting a cigar each time. 

If you're one of the many who are looking for something new, try using one of the tobacco-free options listed below: 

Our Picks for Non-Tobacco Wraps

Kong Organic Hemp Wraps

Kong’s completely organic hemp wraps are perfect for strict vegans who don’t want to break their diet. Free from GMO contamination, these wraps are composed of 100% organic hemp, making them a great choice for anyone seeking a natural and smooth flavor. For those that want something a bit more sweet, they can choose from a number of flavors including Wedding Cake, Forbidden Fruit, and Mango Tango. 

Twisted Hemp Wrap Designer Blends

Available in both unflavored (just hemp) and flavored (Honey Citrus, Vanilla Smooth, and Hang10 Mango),Twisted Hemp’s Designer Blend Premium Hemp Wraps offer a great option for both blunt purists and smokers with a sweet tooth. These non-GMO, tobacco-free wraps also come with signature twisted cut edges to ensure a tight seal that won’t fall apart after rolling them. 

High Hemp Wraps

With a variety of sweet flavors such as Hydro Lemonade, Pineapple Paradise and Bare Berry, along with an unflavored option, these appropriately-namedHigh Hemp Wraps are guaranteed to hit the spot for anyone at your next sesh. If those flavors aren’t enough to convince you, High Hemp Wraps are also one of the most cost-effective options out there, at just 99 cents per 4-pack, including a filter tip for each wrap. 

Skunk Hemp Wraps

Infused with terpenes for that extra dank punch,Skunk Hemp Wraps are completely tobacco-free and offer a delightfully smooth hit that you can only get from 100% real, natural hemp. These wraps come in a conveniently resealable pouch so you can lock in and store your leftovers for next time without losing any of the freshness. Their Perfect Fold Technology also makes them a great choice for novice rollers who want a pre-folded blunt that’s easy to roll. 

King Palm Leaf Cones

Personally hand-crafted from the leaves of the cordia palm tree, these pre-rolled cones save you the time and energy of rolling a blunt yourself but don’t sacrifice any of the slow-burning goodness.King Palm Cones also have a unique flavor-releasing squeeze-and-pop ball in the filter tip. 

This means that when you’re ready, you can just squeeze the filter to enjoy a burst of flavor derived from fruit-derived terpenes and infused essential oils. If that’s not enough, each roll comes pre-fitted with a terpene-infused corn husk filter tip and bamboo packing stick as well. 

Try a Reusable Hemper Glass Blunt

If wraps just aren’t your thing but you still want the vibe of smoking a blunt, you should give theHemper Glass Blunt a try. This smooth-hitting, easily concealable glass piece can be reused indefinitely with just one purchase. All you need to do is fill the chamber and push the mouthpiece forward whenever you need to ash. If you're done, you can save what you didn't smoke inside the blunt for another sesh later. 

If you want a smaller option, theTwisty Glass Blunt V12 Mini offers the same convenience in a smaller, more portable form and can also be used with any 14mm bong. Either of these pieces are a great choice for smokers who love the feel of a blunt but don’t want to commit to rolling and smoking wraps. 

Experience the Difference with Non-Tobacco Wrap Options

At Hemper, we’re always striving to hook you up with the most complete setup of smoking goods for seshes everywhere. From glass, to vapes, to non-tobacco blunt wraps, we got you covered.

Regardless of which non-tobacco wrap you choose for your next smoke sesh, you can’t go wrong with the natural and smooth taste that they offer. Find your new favorite high with a new way to enjoy a blunt using any of the great options list above. 

Browse our products to find your favorite new tobacco wrap alternative or contact us anytime for more information.