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November HEMPER Box Announcement

by Elliot Reissner 3 min read

November HEMPER Box Announcement

Are you prepared for Fall?  If not, you will be now!  HEMPER is kicking off the colder months with our all new Apple bong!  Our custom bottle bong features an Apple percolator with 6 diffusion slits at the base, a straight neck and a matching colored ground joint!

Keep reading to see what else you can expect to receive in the November HEMPER Box!


HEMPER Premium UV Glass Jar

In this box you'll be receiving our first release of our all new premium glass jars!  These jars are made of UV resistant glass to provide an ideal long term storage solution for your favorite herb!  Sure you can always store your herb in a classic plastic bag, but exposure to UV light actually decreases the potency of the compounds in your herb overtime, rendering them less flavorful, and less effective for when you decide that its time to smoke!

Assorted HEMPER Glass Pad

HEMPER Glass Pads

Our HEMPER glass pads are specially designed to protect your glass from hard surfaces.  The fabric top is both classy and functional, providing a smooth surface to place your glass or computer mouse on.

Coming in 9 different styles, you don't want to miss out on these!

HEMPER Smellproof Travel Bags 

HEMPER Smell Proof Bags

Our HEMPER Smell-proof bags not only look fresh while blending right in, they're triple heat sealed to keep what you love dry and safe while keeping you and your room smelling fresh!  Smellproof and waterproof, these bags are ideal for taking on hikes or other trips!

Our smell-proof bags are also reusable and resealable, so you can use them over and over again with no issues

The November box features an all new travel sized bag, easily stashed in a back pocket!

Assorted High Hemp Wraps

High Hemp Wraps Bareberry

We're including a pack of High Hemp wraps in the November HEMPER Box! 

These wraps are made from pure hemp and are NICOTINE and TOBACCO FREE!  

High Hemp wraps are sourced from non-GMO plants and are vegan approved, putting your mind at ease to make your smokes all the sweeter.

Each pack gives you two flavored Hempwraps, and two filter tips so you can roll up in a pinch!

HEMPER Clipper Lighter

HEMPER Clipper Lighter

The Clipper lighter is a major upgrade to your standard BIC.  Have you noticed that a Clipper lighter fits perfectly into the top of a bowl?  It's specially designed for patting down bowls! 

Clipper lighters are refillable, and also feature a removable flint attachment that acts as a poking tool for rolling or packing cones on the go! 

Original Cones King Size

Original Cones USA

Original cones come in packs of 3 cones, each including a poking straw to ensure a perfect pack!  These cones are perfect for stuffing with your favorite herb.  These cones are intended for use by smokers that prefer using natural products instead of those that are bleached or made with processed paper.

HEMPER Perforated Filter Tips

HEMPER Perforated Filter Tips

HEMPER Perforated filter tips are a quick and easy filtering solution for when you're rolling up!  Perforated tips have predefined folding lines, making it easier than ever to roll your filter with that classic "W" shape that prevents accidental scooby snack inhalation!

Limited Edition HEMPER Fall Slap Stickers

HEMPER Fall Slap Stickers

Last but not least, we're including 2 limited edition HEMPER Fall slap stickers!  These slaps are truly for collectors as we never feature the same themed sticker twice! 

The November HEMPER Box