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Rising Popularity for Silicone Dab Rigs, Pipes, and Bongs

by Angel Ferrer 4 min read

Rising Popularity for Silicone Dab Rigs, Pipes, and Bongs

Why Silicone Pipes, Bongs, and Dab Rigs are so Popular

We see it everywhere. Silicone straws, silicone kitchen utensils, silicone this, silicone that. And now? The craze has finally caught on with makers of smoking devices and accessories, including those that produce silicone pipes, bongs, and dab rigs.

This is good news for those who enjoy smoking herb. Good news indeed. In this guide we’ll cover what silicone is, and why you too might want to consider adding a silicone pipe, bong or dab rig to your smoking tool chest. Check out our bong collection.

What is this Silicone Stuff?

Let’s start with the basics: what on Earth is Silicone? Silicone is a synthetic polymer material often described as what would happen if rubber and plastic had a child. It can be used for a myriad of items like cookware, food containers, baking pans, ice cube molds, and more.

But silicone comes from humble beginnings, having first started its life as (drum roll)…plain old sand. Silica makes up all ordinary beach sand and quartz. Silica and carbon are heated together at extreme temperatures to form silicone. Fossil fuels then react with the silicone to purify it. The silicone resin’s quality largely depends on the purification level.

The result? An incredibly stable polymer that is extremely heat and chemical resistant -- and versatile. See our dab rig collection.

What are the Benefits of Silicone?

For years, everyone has been pushing glass. But silicone offers a myriad of benefits that glass just can’t rival.

Cost -often the most important factor for many consumers. Silicone bongs and pipes can be mass produced as opposed to custom glasswork. The material itself is also easier to produce and work with, so the savings for companies is often reflected in savings for the buyer.

Durability - Glass’s largest drawback? It breaks. Chips, cracks, and full on shatters can ruin any plans for a chill sesh, forcing you to shell out more money for a replacement. Silicone, on the other hand, is durable and resistant. It can stand being dropped or bumped, and it’s heat and chemical resistant too.

Easy Cleaning - Silicone is flexible and easy to manipulate, making it easier to clean. Debris doesn’t stick as well as it goes to glass, meaning that less upkeep is necessary. Oh, and did we mention it’s dishwasher safe, making cleaning a breeze?

Flexibility - We touched on this a little when discussing cleaning. Silicone is a flexible material; products can be bent, folded, stuffed into bags or backpacks, and more without breaking. This makes them easy to travel with.

Does Silicone Impact the Flavor?

After all, we don’t want anything getting in the way of our herb’s flavor. Any impact on the flavor profile is generally something we all want to avoid.

The good news is that you’re in luck. Silicone doesn’t have much of a taste to it, and most users don’t seem to report much if any off flavoring when smoking from these silicone pipes.

Now, you should know that some consumers do report a slight taste or odor, especially during the first few uses. However, this generally fades with time (and cleaning) and we haven’t seen any complaints about the taste getting in the way or being gross. Check out our favorite hand pipes.

Is Silicone Safe to use in Bongs, Pipes and Dab Rigs?

If you’re purchasing from a quality manufacturer, absolutely. Most of the silicone you’ll find on the market these days is high-grade, FDA-approved -- non-toxic and no BPAs. It doesn’t react to food or beverages or produce any harmful fumes.

However, it is still necessary for you to use glass or titanium for your bowls, bangers, and tips, though. Silicone can resist up to 600 degrees, but it shouldn’t be exposed directly to torch or flame. 

The important thing is to know who you’re buying from. You want to purchase your silicone from reputable vendors that you can trust.

Anyone with Waxes and Oils, Take Note!

We know how important it is not to waste any of our precious wax. We’re also all-too-familiar with the mess. But guess what? Silicone is nonstick! No matter how much stick your war or oil has, it won’t cling to silicone. You can scoop with ease! 

No more losing wax or oil that stuck to your glass and had to be washed or scraped off. Silicone dab containers are here to save the day (and your money).

In the End, the Choice is Yours

Some people love their glass, and we get that. But for anyone with clumsy tendencies, a practically indestructible product is pretty appealing. New smokers and veterans alike can benefit from silicone-- even if you love your glass, this new trend is worth the try.

Easy to travel with, easy to clean, what more could you ask for? Apparently a lot, if silicone’s list of benefits are to be believed. Even if you don’t try it out for smoking or dabbing, you may just want to get a few new kitchen supplies.