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Smoking CBD vs CBD Candy - What’s the Difference?

by Angel Ferrer 4 min read

Smoking CBD vs CBD Candy - What’s the Difference?

Cannabidiol (CBD) has become one of the most widely used, yet also widely misunderstood cannabinoids in recent history. In some states, you can buy CBD products in a variety of stores, while others restrict its use to the same extent as THC.

We’re not here to give a speech, though. Instead, we’re talking about smoking CBD and CBD candy. Whether you’re a newcomer to CBD or a longtime consumer who wants to branch out into some new goodies, this guide is for you.

Today, we’re going to compare smoking CBD against edibles like candies to help you decide which one you might prefer. Let’s start by establishing what consuming CBD feels like:


Because CBD doesn’t provide a high, there’s really no difference in terms of psychoactive effects since there are not any to speak of. However, taking any kind of CBD can potentially help with inflammation and anxiety and help some people manage their pain.


Though you’re not going to chill out and vibe for a few hours with CBD, it is still a cannabinoid and the onset time, as well as the duration, vary between smoking and eating. When you smoke CBD, the effects will start to kick in almost immediately. With edibles, you may be waiting an hour or two before it gets to work.

The main difference lies in how long the effects will last. Though smoking kicks in sooner, it will only last about 2-3 hours. The effects of a CBD candy could last anywhere from 6-12 hours.

Some people prefer to start their day smoking CBD and then eating some candy afterward. This can extend the duration of the effects, so that you can receive an immediate dose of CBD and have it last.


When deciding whether you prefer smoking or CBD candies, convenience is a major factor to consider. Do you want just to eat a few sweets and go about your day, or do you prefer the longer process of smoking a blunt, joint, or bowl?

Candies are also an excellent choice for someone who is not able to smoke at home. You can still receive the same benefits of CBD but without the hassle of having to try to cover up the smoke smell.


If you’re enjoying CBD on a budget, does flower or edibles provide a better bang for your buck? That’s a completely understandable question.

Fewer costs are associated with producing flower than edibles like gummies. The flower is harvested from a cultivar and packaged in an airtight container. Creating a gummy requires an entirely separate, longer, and lengthier manufacturing process. Because of this, gummies typically cost more than flower, but that does not mean there’s no added value to them.

Because gummies are dosed out by individual piece, you can more easily predict how much you will take per day and when you’ll need to restock. There’s no exact science to breaking apart a CBD flower with your hands or a grinder. If you want a pre-dosed, smokable option, prerolls will be your best bet.

However, flower does have unique advantages besides a lower price point. It offers far more versatility than an edible, and you could purchase multiple types of strains for the same or similar price as a package of gummies. Unlike a pre-flavored candy, flower can be cooked or baked into your favorite dishes or used in creating your own edible treats in addition to smoking it.

If You Can Only Pick One…

If you’re forced to choose between either CBD candy or smoking, take your personal health and needs into consideration. For example, if you are a former cigarette smoker, you may either prefer to smoke CBD or want to avoid the act altogether.

Similarly, if you live with a lung condition like asthma or emphysema, you may not be able to smoke CBD safely. Instead, you can opt for an edible which will not place any stress on your respiratory system. Speak to your physician first before smoking any CBD if you have a health concern that could affect your breathing.

The amount of discretion you desire will also play a major role in deciding whether smoking or edibles are the right choice for you. If you do not want to deal with the visibility and odor of smoking, an edible provides a more discreet alternative that few will notice since CBD candy looks like many other non-cannabinoid snacks on the market.

Lastly, time could also help you decide. CBD edibles are consumed quickly, but their effects take more time to activate in the body. Smoking is almost instantaneous but you need to commit more time upfront. Still, there is something about a good smoking sesh with friends or on your own that edibles just cannot beat.

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