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The Best Celebrity Bongs You Need to Add to Your Collection

by Angel Ferrer 5 min read

The Best Celebrity Bongs You Need to Add to Your Collection

Your Collection Needs These Celeb Themed Bongs

Cannabis isn’t just the “people’s herb”, it’s the preferred choice for many celebrities, with some of our favorite actors, musicians, and singers openly and proudly showing their support for the herb.

But what do celebs smoke out of? The bong ranks among the top choices for the elite around the world. But you too can enjoy your favorite strains in some of the same bongs they use and endorse.

Not only can you buy a bong that is both useful and beautiful, but you can also purchase one that has been created, endorsed, and sold by a celebrated celebrity. Some celebrities have even taken this beyond a simple celebrity endorsement and have worked to design, and create their own line of high-quality glassware.

Read on to learn more about our top picks for available celebrity bongs on the market today and find your own “Hollywood” ready bong today…

Snoop Dogg — Pounds

Snoop Dogg literally began his music career rapping about weed. His persona is built, in part around the marijuana culture and everything it entails.

As such, it was a no-brainer for him to transition into cannabis and smoking-related products, including bongs. And with 16 hit albums and millions of records sold under his belt, he is doing just as well in the cannabis world as he did in the music business.

Back in 2015, Snoop invested in Eaze, a California-based medical cannabis delivery service. Later that same year, he launched Leafs by Snoop which featured edibles, concentrates, and marijuana flowers.

And now, with Snoop’s new line of glassware, called Pounds, a series of spacecraft-themed durable borosilicate glass bongs and bubblers, he is taking the bong world by storm. His products are affordable for smokers of all levels and experience. His most affordable bong, the Starship, retails for just under $110, while his most expensive triple percolator model, the Battleship Rig, retails for $279.99.

The reason that the Battleship is so expensive is due to its impressive height of 12.5 inches. It’s also able to work with both dry herbs as well as concentrates, and is crafted from pure, high-quality borosilicate glass so there won’t be any issues with thermal shock.

In general, the Pounds collection has something for everyone. Each of the bubblers comes in a wide array of shapes and sizes and feature a variety of different percolators, down stems, recyclers, and reservoir sizes.

By now, any consumer and rap lover knows that anything Snoop Dogg puts his name on turns to pure gold. This rapper has some serious standards. Interestingly. He created and designed each model with himself in mind. So, if this is something that Snoop Dogg himself would use, then sleep well knowing it will be a great product for you, too.

Cheech Marin & Tommy Chong — Cheech and Chong Glass

For years, Cheech & Chong have been everyone’s favorite movie stoners. And now, they are cleaning up in the marijuana market with their own line of glassware and cannabis-related products. Cheech & Chong have been making stoner movies since the 1970s when they took the world by storm with their first flick,Up In Smoke.

Their company, offers a line of hand pipes, bubbler, and water pipes crafted from pure borosilicate glass in interesting and comical designs. Their line of pipes ranges in price from @22.99 for individual down-stems and other replacement pieces to $97.99 for their Low Rider Laid Back tube water pipe. Their most expensive bong, however, is the Emergency Ward Flower Bubbler, which retails for $297.50.

A popular and bong among the Cheech & Chong collection is their Pedro Bong. This beaker-style bong is as fashionable as it is compact. The simple design of this bong means that it will effectively cool each of your hits with pure water.

Trailer Park Boys

The Trailer Park Boys first burst onto the scene back in 1999 as part of Nova Scotia’s Canadian mocumentary show,Trailer Park Boys, created by Mike Clattenburg. The show quickly grew a cult following before propelling the crew into mainstream stardom. Leveraging the success of the show, the “Trailer Park Boys” have since launched a successful line of bongs and smoking accessories. In fact, Silibong Water Pipes, silicone bongs crafted from BPA-free food-grade silicone, are one of their best-selling items.

In a world where glass bongs are the norm, these innovative silicone bongs are praised for their durability, performance and creativity. Along with their popular silicone bongs, Trailer Park Boys also has a line of glass water bongs. Both the silicone bongs and their glass water counterparts are easy on your wallet and retail for just under $200.

One of the most popular glass bongs that’s a favorite among faithful followers is The Kitty Love Bong. This beaker-style bong is tough, durable, and is adorned with bubbles and sweet cat faces.

Marley Family — Marley Natural Smoked Glass Water Pipe

Bob Marley is hands-down is Jamaica’s most popular singer/musician and a spiritual leader of the Rastafarian movement. Not only that, he was a stout pot enthusiast and a symbol of peace and love worldwide. In fact, you can’t even walk into a head shop without seeing more than one product emblazoned with his image. Products like grinders, lighters, and rolling papers have all been known to display Marley’s face.

In the wake of the beloved singer’s death, his family built a marijuana empire off of Bob Marley’s legacy. Natural Marley, a diverse and kind venture, sells all kinds of products that range from whole flowers and pre-rolled blunts, to smoking accessories and hemp-oil skin care products that contain Jamaican botanicals.

To add to that feel-good feeling, the family’s website also showcases their Rise Up Initiative, where customers can donate and contribute to causes like Defy Ventures which helps formerly incarcerated individuals obtain sustainable careers. Defy Ventures also works to protect and restore the birthplace of the Rastafari culture.

Final Thoughts

It’s fun to have a bong that’s been created, endorsed, and sold by a celebrity. But these bongs aren’t just about showmanship and bragging rights, they are often impressive in their own right, being performance-minded and offering up a great experience for the user.

That said, don’t just buy a bong because your favorite celeb says so, make sure it fits your needs, style, budget and other aspects that are important to you. But if it does, buying a bong from a special celebrity line is just an added bonus and the icing on top of a very cool cake.