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The Best Sport Clips to Watch When You’re Stoned

by Hemper Co 4 min read

The Best Sport Clips to Watch When You’re Stoned

Best Sports Moments To Watch While High

We all love sports, from America’s favorite pastime (Baseball) to hitting the courts or tossing around a pigskin in the backyard. Watching sports can be just as thrilling, and a lot easier to do than participate in them when stoned.

From IMPOSSIBLE catches to gravity-defying leaps and hilarious snafus, take a look at some of our favorite (sometimes outrageous) sport clips next time you light up and kick back. 


  1. Philly’s Own Lesean McCoy

There was no other NFL player that proved that the Philadelphia Eagles could really, as the song says, “Fly Eagles Fly,” than Lesean McCoy. In this clip, watch McCoy fly, quite literally, across the field, scoring the most unpredictable winning touchdown! And there’s nothing like watching this clip of the Eagles “hit ‘em high” unless you, too, are doing the same. Check it out in the first clip of this video’s collection of crazy touchdown moments you definitely don’t want to miss!


  1. This one Had to HURT!

Bodyslam tackles are fun to watch in real-time, but in slow motion, they seem to be twice as exhilarating! And since time seems to slow down after taking a hit of your favorite strain, check out this video full of exhilarating NFL game-saving body slam tackles. Start from the very beginning, where it seems like number 25 magically shapeshifted into a WWE wrestler right on the field!



  1. HOW on Earth Did He Make that Catch?!

Let’s talk about crazy football catches which are far from just an unpredicted catch; these NFL catches are absolutely berserk with passion, motivation, and an eye for nothing but the football as if the ground was lava and your hands are the hero that saves an entire football team. These crazy NFL catches might be unexpected to the viewer, but the players have a mission..and they dominated it with just one catch! 

  1. Take a Load off and Laugh a Little

Football is serious business, but even tough guys like to have a little fun now and again. Highlights include peeing his pants, a CAT on the field (an actual cat), carrying a player for 20 yards on shoulders, tackling your own teammate and more.



1. Shaq Attack 

Basketball is a fast-paced, “in your face” kind of sport, which is exactly what you need to stay awake after hitting your favorite herb. But in this video, we have something special for you...or rather, someone special: SHAQ! Not just Shaq, although he is impressive in his own right. But in this clip, Shaq is doing what giants do best: the “Shaq Attack.”

When it comes to wrecking backboards, no player in the NBA has broken more glass than Shaq. In this video, he puts the hurt on backboards shattering records, and glass-like this is exactly what he was born to do!


2. The Best Dunks of All Time

Best dunks of ALL-TIME. This video will have you singing “I believe I can fly”, just don’t actually try to jump out a window or anything. Watch now and view some of the NBA’s craziest, impressive, and gravity-defying dunks on record. From unbelievable air time to crazy tricked out moves, you've gotta see these to believe. This is just one of many video montages that can be easily searched for online.


  1. Craziest SLAM Dunks 

Some of the best moments in the NBA are nothing other than those insanely drastic slam dunks. But in this video, the term “slam dunk” just doesn’t quite fit; these aren’t just the craziest slam dunks..these are slam dunks that you can feel go through the net! So fly high with a full 7-minute video mashup of your new favorite NBA slam dunks! 


  1. Laughter is the Best Medicine

No sport is without its moments of levity and laughter. This reel highlights some of the funniest moments in basketball history. From Shaq bear crawling on the gym floor, to Kobe busting a dance move on the bench, this compilation will have you laughing so hard your abs will hurt.



  1. Hit and RUN

Even when you’re stoned, revenge is always satisfying. But nothing is more satisfying than watching your favorite team hit a grand slam home run after getting smashed in the arm by a high-speed baseball! So if you’re in the mood to swallow the glory of watching immediate revenge in the same play, then this mashup of MLB revenge home runs is the key to satisfying your anger! 


  1. Vertical Leap

Most of us tend to forget that football and basketball aren’t the only sports where athletes can fly. Yes, you heard me. The athletes fly. But when it comes to baseball, flying is an absolute must if you want to make an amazing game-winning catch. And if you’re down for a rush of adrenaline in the heat of the moment, then this video is a must-see mix of the absolute greatest catches in MLB history! 


  1. Whoops – epic fails 

With every great sports play comes an even greater sports fail, and this video is full of the funniest, most unexpected fails in baseball that, especially in the mindset of humor, will have tears running down your face. With laughter, of course..because there’s no crying in baseball! So check out the best bat dropping, ball seeking, player confusion plays in the history of professional baseball! 


4. Major League – Major laughs

The MLB isn’t necessarily known for being funny, but the players’ antics can be downright hilarious. Fun moments include duck calls, player collisions, funny interviews, nacho breaks on the field, and more.


Gear Up, Light Up, and Enjoy! (responsibly)

Love sports? Love weed? Do yourself a favor and give these videos a watch. Then, find something you like from our head shop. From impressive catches, hits, runs, plays, and scores, to glass shattering and hilarious in sports history, there is something for everyone to enjoy!