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The HEMPER Keeper™ Reviewed By Strain Central

by Angel Junior 3 min read

The HEMPER Keeper™ Reviewed By Strain Central

Herb storage has always been a point of contention in the community. Some lie on the side of convenience, while others are all about practicality. 

As our community takes legal roots, we're seeing everything from temperature controlled mylar jars, to hand made wooden spliff holders being sold... and with all the different forms of consumption available to us, the choice of what we personally store herb in quickly becomes overwhelming. 

When it comes to storing herb on the go; we approach plenty of issues that not many think about until it happens to them. 

  • Herbs Can Be Smashed - and this matters more than just aesthetically. Once the herb is smashed and not so fluffy/airy, the burn of your bowl is effected. If not ground, smashed herb causes a very uneven & hot burn on each bowl.

  • Ground Herb - Unless you have a "stoner travel bag" that includes all of your smoking toys, you usually end up having to revert to using the classic finger grind technique when on the go. Grinders are heavy, expensive, and annoying to have to lug around... but in certain situations (when a finer grind is necessary, like joints), a grinder is a necessary tool. 

  • Smell - It’s funny, when we’re not high and dry in public, most consumers can smell herb like a trained drug dog… but once we’ve smoked, we become SO scent blind to the smell. So unless you’d like a free herb cologne, throwing your herb in ziplock is a great way to get caught.

  • GLASS BREAKS - Which makes many storage jars popular for cannabis, simply impractical for travel use. Especially if it's just carelessly thrown into a bag, or purse. Smoking a batch of glass filled herb is nothing but a bummer. 

The  Hemper Keeper was birthed out of innovation. To fix many of these traveling stoner woes, that we know all too well. They mixed a fully sealed jar, with a grinder, and added extra storage for separate/ground material.

Lets go ahead and break down the Keeper a bit!

HEMPER Keeper™ 

Built-in Grinder - So they’ve added a plastic thick tooth grinder (for a fluffier looser grind, great for rolling). The teeth themselves are widely spaced, so they don’t grind each other down like many acrylic do. It seals off the bottom section of the jar as it attaches also, which adds an extra barrier of smell protection.

 Secondary Keeper™ Storage

Secondary Storage- This is THE BEST addition to a grinder/storage jar i’ve seen in quite a while. Once you grind your herb, and roll your joint. You usually have extra leftover material… which you had to just dump on top of your fresh herb in other jars. This (1g) storage portion, makes it so you can separate everything, OR store some concentrates as well!

Removable Tether on the HEMPER Keeper™ 

Removable Strap - Not only is a great to have a strap on the lid, for the sake of not losing it… We all know how frustrating it is to not be able to remember where you put the lid stoned, so this prevents such. It’s also great for attaching the jar to bags, or belt loops (for those with superior dad style).

 The HEMPER Keeper™

Storage Case - The jar itself is made of a very thick poly material, that is PERFECT to just throw in a bag. It holds about 4 grams of material in total. This is the kind of container you’re really not going to have to worry about breaking (unless you run it over with a car). Your material will be safe and (somewhat) smell-proof, as well as water-proof.


For only $13.99, this is a tool I think EVERYONE needs in their smoking arsenal! Nothing but love to the guys at Hemper for bringing us another great product.

This article was written by a HEMPER Contributor.  HEMPER Contributors expressed thoughts & opinions are solely their own.