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What To Do When High Becomes Too High

by Angel Ferrer 4 min read

What To Do When High Becomes Too High

Tips On What To Do When You Get Too High

With cannabis taking center-stage as a mainstream and more socially acceptable recreational and medicinal drug, more individuals are seeking to educate themselves on the use of this wonderful herb.

It's a really good idea to understand what to expect before diving right in, especially if this is your first time. Wiser still is knowing what to do if you find yourself in the deep end.

Being high is fun….being “too high” is anything but. That’s the bad news. The good news is that being “too high” isn’t particularly dangerous and there is virtually no chance that you can “overdose” on cannabis, regardless of if you smoke it, munch on an infused edible, or vape it.

So, what should you do when that perfect high turns into an intense paranoia of being too high? Let's look at what you can do to counteract a high that becomes too overwhelming.

What To Do When The High Becomes Too Much

No matter how experienced you are, there may come a day when you may find yourself at a point where the pleasure of your high transforms into paranoia or reaches a level of intensity that is well beyond your comfort zone.

If that happens, there are a number of things you can do to help lessen the sensation until you're able to come back down. Everyone will have a different reaction to cannabis and it is prudent to start out slow especially when trying out new strains.

NOTE: Something to keep in mind is that no one has ever died from an overdose of THC.

First Up, Don’t Panic (or try not to anyway)

Paranoia, delusions, and hallucinations can occur when you're too high. If this happens, it’s important that you not panic. We know, easier said than done. Follow the other tips in this guide to center yourself, your breathing and to relax your mind.

THC affects the areas of the brain that control function and cognitive thinking. Panicking will only cause your symptoms to worsen. As your high wears off things will go back to normal. No matter what, you need to stay calm.

Try to Rest and Relax

It’s a good idea to have an area already set up to rest and chill if needed. If you find your high is becoming a little too intense, retreat to your quiet place and relax. If exhaustion sets in, let it take over. A nap can help pass the time while the effects of the cannabis wear off.

Know When Enough is Enough

If you're just starting out you won’t have any clue where your limit is. It’s recommended that new consumers of cannabis start out with 5 to 10 mg only. This low dose should give you an idea of how your body’s going to react. The effects won't always be immediate and you should wait at least one hour before taking any more. Depending on how you consume marijuana affects when it will kick in. No matter how you choose to indulge, make sure you're around people you know and trust. Once you start feeling the effects of the marijuana it’s time to stop. Even if those around you encourage you to continue, just say no.

Keep well Hydrated

It’s common to become hungry while consuming cannabis. Remembering to eat won't be an issue, but it’s important to stay hydrated as well. Drinking alcohol is not considered hydrating, you are going to want to stick to water, juice or a sports drink like Gatorade. By eating a light snack and drinking plenty of water you will help your body process the THC your putting into it. Some people argue that orange juice helps the best at helping you feel more grounded.

Get Some Fresh Air

Fresh air can help take the edge off. As long as you're not feeling dizzy or lightheaded it may help to step outside for a little while. Remember to stay close to your location. Wondering around while being too high is not advised.

Take a Shower or Soak in a Bath

A lot of people who enjoy cannabis also find a shower refreshing and almost magical while they're high. If you’re too high, taking a shower or a bath can help you relax. It will remove you from a situation that can be overstimulating. As long as you’re not lightheaded or dizzy, a shower may be exactly what you need to relax until the high dies down.

Distractions are a Good Thing

Sometimes distractions work best to keep from feeling too high. If you find yourself getting inside your own head and unable to relax, try talking to a friend. Listening to some music or watching a movie will also help distract.

CBD Might be Able to Mellow out the “High”

CBD is derived from the marijuana plant, but it doesn’t possess THC that weed does. CBD is actually used to treat anxiety and stress. A few drops under the tongue should help counteract the intense high your experiencing. CBD is used by the same receptors that are affected by THC.

Black Peppercorn?

One home remedy that many seasoned smokers swear by is chewing on a few black peppercorns. Chewing (or sniffing) black peppercorn will help you feel more grounded. It is also reported that peppercorn will provide instant relief of your paranoia. Although the longevity of the peppercorn trick can vary, it’s worth trying.

Now that You Know, Share with a Friend

Keep in mind that what you now know can come in handy for anyone who is trying cannabis for the first time. If you see a friend or family member struggling you may be able to help. If things get too serious it’s always best to contact a medical expert. If you, or a friend, experience too intense of a high for too long it is okay to seek medical help. Being prepared and not panicking is going to be the key to getting through an intense high. Know your limit and don’t try to pass it just because other people may be pressuring you to.