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What You Need to Know About California Prop 31

by Angel Ferrer 4 min read

CA Prop 31

The State of California recently passed their Proposition 31, which upholds Senate Bill 793, to ban the sale of most flavored tobacco products within its borders. Set to go into effect on January 15, 2023, the new law could stand to upend the market in the state, with brands and retailers pressed to shift their product offerings ahead of the deadline.

If you’re someone that lives in California, you might also be wondering how this could affect your ability to enjoy cannabis with flavored products. Could a blunt wrap become banned if it has a blueberry flavor, for example?

Today, we’re going to cover everything that the California Legislative Analyst’s Office has to say about the exact details of Prop 31. From the main provisions of the proposition to the impact on state taxes, we have you covered. You can also find the full report from the LAO here.

What’s Included in Prop 31?

Bans on Most Flavored Tabacco Products and Flavor Enhancers

California Prop 31 bans stores and vending machines from being to sell most products that fall within the umbrella of “flavored tobacco.” This can also include smoking accessories that are designed to enhance flavor, but may not contain any tobacco outright.

Product types unaffected by prop 31 include:

  • Shisha tobacco (hookah)
  • Certain types of cigars
  • Loose-leaf tobacco

If you’re a cannabis consumer, so far, so good, right? We haven’t seen anything that directly relates to cannabis or cannabinoid consumption.

For tobacco consumers, however, this clearly restricts the number of flavored products that they can access in California. This does raise another important question, though. What exactly does the state consider “flavored tobacco”?

Definitions of Banned Flavored Tobacco

Prop 31 also defines what is meant by “flavored tobacco” in the context of the law. Essentially, this refers to any product that adds an additional flavor on top of the natural tobacco flavor. For example, if you have a mango-flavored nicotine vape, this would fall into this category.

The official language in the proposition defines a flavor enhancer as something that creates an entirely new taste when added to the tobacco. If the flavored product masks or obscures the natural tobacco taste to the point where it may no longer taste like tobacco, this would likely qualify as a banned product.

Financial Implications

Any stores or vending machine owners that sell flavored tobacco products after January 15, 2023 will be charged $250 in penalties for each violation. Individual violations could include separate units of product, so if you have 30 banned products on your shelf, you could be hit with $7500 in fines.

California is also anticipating tax revenues to be heavily impacted by the ban. The projected losses hover around $100 million annually.

What’s the Solution?

For tobacco users that are unable to continue purchasing their favorite flavored tobacco products, there may still be some alternatives available that you can legally indulge in. For example, loose-leaf tobacco is not going to be affected.

At Hemper, we believe that our flavored Quick Hitters are going to remain on store shelves. For those that want to pack their favorite loose-leaf tobacco blend or cannabis strain into something packed with rich flavor, here’s why you’ll love them:

Tobaccoless Product

The Quick Hitter does not contain any tobacco or tobacco byproduct on its own. It is a flavor-enhanced smoking accessory for any plant-based substance of choice, including cannabis (in states where it is permitted) and any legal cannabinoid.

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The heat-resistant ceramic bowl is designed to deliver an exceptionally smooth hit with every drag. It’s like a smaller version of any of the high-quality glassware that we offer in our pipes, bongs, and dab rigs!

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The Hemper Quick Hitter is constructed from 100% environmentally friendly, food-grade paper material. They can be thrown away in your normal trash receptacle when you are ready to open another package.

Real Fruit Terpene Flavor

Each Quick Hitter is flavored with real fruit terpenes that are introduced with a squeeze activator. Just press the end until you hear the pop!

Flavors you can choose from include:

Fruit isn’t your thing? You can also opt for a non-flavored option if you do not want to add any fruit taste to your tobacco or cannabis.

Ready to Go

The Quick Hitter comes fully assembled and packed with flavor. You just need to pack the bowl at the tip, squeeze the flavor ball, and enjoy!

Want to make sure that you’re always stocked up on Quick Hitters? You can also subscribe for regular delivery, starting at just $2.70 per month for a single package.

Get Your Hemper Quick Hitters Today

No one enjoys it when new laws restrict their preferred ways of smoking. While the law was introduced with good intentions, it will not create an easy transition for everyone.

We’re expecting that the Hemper Quick Hitters will remain compliant with California Prop 31, and as a result, will still be able to be found on store shelves and will qualify for shipping to addresses in California. Grab your own pack of Quick Hitters today or contact us anytime to learn more about them!