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Why You Should Get a Rosinbomb Rocket

by Angel Ferrer 4 min read

Why You Should Get a Rosinbomb Rocket

Why You Should Get a ROSINBOMB Rocket

Rosin and Rosin presses have been growing in popularity over the last few years and for very good reason. Dubbed by some as the ‘everyman’s concentrate’ don’t let this nickname deter you - rosin is no lesser substitute. 

In fact, it stands up against some of the most sophisticated hydrocarbon extracts currently available, with the added benefit of no solvents. The product that was once manufactured in bedrooms and basements is now a worldwide manufacturing movement.

What Is Rosin And Why Should You Try It?

Despite a recent boom in popularity, the method of extracting cannabinoids using heat and pressure is nothing new. However, leading manufacturers like ROSINBOMB have really honed this process, enabling everyday dabbers to produce clean, pure products at home. If you’re looking to produce some seriously potent and exciting results, you’ll love the adjustable heat, pressure and timing combinations that the ROSINBOMB offers.

ROSINBOMB - Devoted To Producing Healthy Organics

A family business tracing back decades, ROSINBOMB was founded by Ryan Mayer, whose career began in the apple pressing business. This led Mayer to consider how the key factors of heat combined with pressure could impact yield and create optimum organic results. Mayer went on to create the ROSINBOMB Rocket, a groundbreaking piece of technology designed to deliver the best yield from your concentrates.

These days ROSINBOMB is a leading manufacturer in the industry. ROSINBOMB rightly describe their product as ‘the most powerful, electronic rosin press with the ability to process the highest yield’. Despite their success, the company never rests. Devoted to producing healthy organics, they continue to develop new products and push boundaries.

Built with the everyday dabber in mind, the ROSINBOMB makes pressing rosin at home an absolute joy. Many keen dabbers will already know the benefits of using rosin over cannabis flowers, such as a difference in flavour, potency and efficiency. With the compact, easy-to-use ROSINBOMB press, you can have super fresh rosin that’s ready to enjoy in minutes, from the comfort of your own home.

Great Functionality With Simple, Intelligent Design

The combination of adaptable functionality combined with intelligent, simple design is what makes the ROSINBOMB such a superior press. So let’s take a look at these great features in more detail.

1500lbs Of Force

The simple, two button home appliance heats up in under 10 minutes and uses 1,500+ lbs of pressure to squeeze every bit of rosin from your material.

No Compromise

Despite its beautifully compact design and the high-quality extracts it produces, the ROSINBOMB Rocket doesn’t compromise on quality. The ROSINBOMB can comfortably press 5 grams of flower or sift in one shift. The plates measure 3.2 x 2.8, giving you a beautiful, tasty solvent-free extract in next to no time.

Compact Design

At only 10 inches tall, the ROSINBOMB Rocket press is a compact piece of kit that still delivers incredible performance and results compared with its bigger siblings.

100% American-Made

The ROSINBOMB Rocket is high quality and low maintenance and 100% manufactured in the USA.

Ideal For Everyday Use

The efficient and simple design of the ROSINBOMB Rocket combined with the quality and durability of the product makes it a perfect choice for everyday use.


The amazing yield of the Rocket means that you can make savings of up to 50% per gram.

Portable Design

The ROSINBOMB Rocket is simple to use and provides amazing results every single time. At 10 inches high, this portable piece of kit weighs in at only 6kg (approx) meaning it will fit into a rucksack, meaning it can be transported and set up anywhere where you can access a plug socket.

Clear Display & Simple Design

The simple display on the ROSINBOMB Rocket shows clearly the temperature which can be adjusted simply by the degree, meaning you’ll always know what temperature your plates are at, from ambient up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

No More Leftovers

The pressed pucks that are left over can still be used - you can safely vape or smoke the leftovers although be aware that the taste and potency will have been affected.

Advanced Functionality That Doesn’t Break The Bank

For those looking for something more in the hobbyist range for personal use but who don’t want to compromise on quality and consistency, the ROSINBOMB is the ideal choice. A home appliance that always provides stellar results, the ROSINBOMB turns the sometimes laborious process of pressing into something that’s fun and creative.

The Gold Standard for Rosin Presses

The ROSINBOMB Rocket is the result of years of research and development, resulting in a premium plugin press which is the ideal choice for both personal and business use.

While many other manufacturers were successfully designing and redesigning pressers that met certain needs, ROSINBOMB broke the mould with the Rocket, creating the most powerful, adaptable, compact and efficient electronic press on the market, with a superior ability to produce the highest yield. If you’re looking for a presser for home or small-scale commercial use, the Rocket blows the competition right out of the water every time. Stay tuned for the next review from Hemperco of a cannabis industry favorite!