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Since hitting the vaping scene AirVape has established its brand as a forward-thinking vaping manufacturer focused on packing impressive power, performance and reliability into sleek, discreet designs.

Elegant, thin, fast, lightweight and powerful are just a few of the words commonly used to describe AirVape’s lineup of devices. The major differentiating factor for AirVape (as the name suggests) is their low profile, thin, lightweight designs. In fact, they rank among some of the most discreet vaporizers (especially for dry herb and loose-leaf) on the market today. 

Among the brand’s most impressive devices is the AirVape X, utilizing a unique combination of convection and conduction heating technology. It’s thin/flat design is as innovative as it is discreet, allowing those who enjoy dry herb and loose-leaf herbs to enjoy them easily on the go. It’s thin profile makes it the best fitting device for pockets without feeling bulky.

The device also has a special “concentrate pad” for switching between dry herb and concentrates.

Other innovations incorporated into their devices include a magnetic mouthpiece, a bright yet elegant 1.2-inch electronic display, custom temperature control, and an adjustable shutoff timer. With a range of accessories available, those who enjoy vaping can customize their devices to uniquely suit their style and preferences.