Dynavap leads the cannabis vaporizer industry with its long line of buttery smooth vaporizer products. At the cutting edge of innovation and yet remaining true to its purist roots, Dynavap’s vaporizers don’t include a single electronic component. That’s right, no battery to charge = no worries when traveling or bringing these ultra-pocketable vaporizers out into the real world. A hybrid conduction and convection system of heating guarantees a delicious herbal flavor from the vapor across the Dynavap product line. 

Steeped in tradition, Dynavap excludes any type of electronics in its vaporizers, opting instead for the use of an external heating source such as a torch. Each vaporizer has a unique feature to ensure you don’t overheat and thus combust your flower. A bimetal thermostat inside the VapCap clicks when it is in the right heating range signaling you to cut the heat source. Another click can be heard when it cools to the point of requiring another heat cycle. 

Whether you need an ultra-small and portable vaporizer or a larger piece that will probably outlast you, Dynavap has you covered. Check out the DynaVap M for one of the smallest portable vaporizing devices currently on the market. The DynaVap Omnivap XL Titanium is a bit bigger but still very portable and offers higher-end material and features. These and all of Dynavap’s product lines are built to last and will serve you for the foreseeable future with that smooth vapor you’ve been looking for.