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Proudly based in Maryland, Native is on a mission to empower and inspire its customers. They want to help more people take back control of their health and wellbeing, leveraging the natural power of hemp on their journey to wellness of body and mind.

Specializing in “Pure CBD from Seed to Shelf”, Native offers a wide range of hemp-based products to elevate the senses, improve feelings of well-being, and enhance daily living.

What makes Native so unique is their vertically integrated operations, from in-house design and manufacturing to transforming hemp into something truly unique. From extraction and formulation, to packaging and delivery right to your doorstep, Native tracks their product from seed to shelf.

Every product, from smokable CBD flower, to edibles and oils, begins with hemp that was planted with love and care, cultivated with a true passion for its natural capabilities, handled with expert hands, and processed using industry-leading methodology to produce CBD that is pure as the driven snow, and as potent as it is effective.

Native CBD Products Include 

CBD Gummies –Enjoy a blast of flavor with fruit bites infused with 20mg of potent broad-spectrum CBD. At only 10 calories per gummy, you can indulge until you’re feeling just right. Perfect for on the go, or an at-home snack, these gummies embody everything Native stands for, quality, purity, potency and effectiveness.

Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture –Made from the purest full-spectrum cannabinoid profile, this blend brings together a melody of cannabinoids that work synergistically with CBD to enhance it’s effects. As a full spectrum CBD supplement, you’ll enjoy not only the unique blend of cannabinoids, but also natural amino and fatty acids, micronutrients and vitamins.