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What’s the Best Smoking
Subscription Box For You?

If you’re a serious cannabis connoisseur, you need a consistent flow of the finest smoking accessories, and that’s exactly what you get from the Hemper subscription box.

Why The Hemper Box over Cannabox?

Discreet, convenient and packed full of surprises (along with the essentials), subscription boxes are a fun way to enjoy smoking month after month in new and exciting ways.

Although Hemper was one of (if not THE) first innovators in the smoking subscription box space, others have since joined suit (imitation really is a form of flattery).

So now that you have choices, which is best: The Hemper Box or Cannabox?

The Hemper Box

Reliable, innovative, creative and value-driven, you KNOW each box from Hemper is made with care for each of its customers. Rather than gimmicks or jumping on the ‘subscription fad,’ Hemper relies on strong relationships with leading manufacturers and interesting collaborations to put QUALITY and EXPERIENCE before profit.

The Hemper Box Overview:

  • High-quality products manufactured by top brands
  • Packed with unique, hand-selected items
  • Themed high-quality glassware
  • Useful accessories
  • Minimal ‘fluff’ (such as stickers)
  • Highly customizable
  • Available in multiple subscription options
  • Jam-packed with over $100 in value for $39.99


Also offering themed boxes is ‘Cannabox’. We can’t really throw shade on the creative rigs. Made mostly in-house, quality might vary, but we have to hand it to them on the creativity side of things. They certainly try to make things fun and we respect that.

The boxes have some useful items, but seems to rely on lifestyle items and fillers to spice things up (not necessarily what you were after with a smoking box). For example, stickers or a T-shirt.

Cannabox Overview:

  • Quality can vary and isn’t always the best
  • A moderate amount of ‘filler’ items
  • No info on upcoming themes to customize your boxes
  • Designs are sometimes fun but lack on fully taking advantage of a theme
  • Not quite as much value at around a $30 price point (we expected a little more, to be honest)

We don’t use knock-offs. We source direct from the best brands in the market.

We don’t stuff our boxes with useless fillers like sunglasses and coffee mugs.

We throw in the core monthly essentials so you get what you need.

Why Choose The Hemper Box?

Unlike our competitors, most of the items in The Hemper Box are from Hemper. That means we know that everything we include is going to be top quality, and safe to use. It also allows us to offer the best value on the market, bringing you over $100 in retail goods each month. Sign up today!

What Do Our Customers Have to Say?

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