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What’s the Best Smoking
Subscription Box For You?

If you’re a serious cannabis connoisseur, you need a consistent flow of the finest smoking accessories, and that’s exactly what you get from the Hemper subscription box.

Why The Hemper Box over Hippie Butler?

You’ve seen the unboxing videos on YouTube. You’ve read the reviews. You’ve looked at the websites and you’re more convinced than ever that a smoking subscription box is something that would bring you a lot of joy, use and convenience.

But with more options than ever before, which one should you choose?

Both Hemper and Hippie Butler bring a lot to the table, but one reigns supreme. While we might be a little biased, a lot of hard work, passion and love for the industry and our customers go into each Hemper box we produce.

The Hemper Box

A pioneer in the smoking box subscription space, Hemper was founded by a passionate team dedicated to putting customers before profit. Since it’s inception we’ve worked tirelessly to source the best quality products from leading manufacturers, while keeping prices affordable and accessible for all.

The Hemper Box Overview:

  • Products vetted for superior quality, performance and durability
  • Themed, curated items, hand-selected monthly
  • Innovative glassware that is as creative and aesthetic as it is useful
  • High-quality accessories that you’ll actually use
  • Minimal ‘fluff’ (such as stickers)
  • Customizable subscriptions and items to fit your every need
  • Available in multiple subscription options
  • Jam-packed with over $100 in value for $39.99

Hippie Butler

Branded as a ‘high end’ subscription box, the presentation is notably impressive and the branding well-defined. As far as visual appeal goes, it’s hard to find fault in the brand.

This comes as a double-edged sword though. Smokers who value discretion and privacy may find that it’s a little too ‘in your face’ about what’s inside the box. Although each box does comes with a random glass piece, the company isn’t all that forthcoming about what else to expect, except that it’s a mix of accessories.

Hippie Butler Overview:

  • Prices start at an affordable $15.99 but go all the way up to a wallet-busting $139.99
  • No shipping to AK or HI
  • Some items although novel, might get tiresome (flavored papers, etc.)
  • Tends to miss the mark on hitting the essentials you’ll actually use monthly
  • Does not specify how many items you’ll get
  • Less customization
  • Starter boxes are great for building up the basics but larger boxes get expensive for the average user
  • Not a lot of themed creativity going on

We don’t use knock-offs. We source direct from the best brands in the market.

We offer lower priced subscriptions on all three options with the same amount of goods.

We throw in the core monthly essentials so you get what you need.

Why Choose The Hemper Box?

Unlike our competitors, most of the items in The Hemper Box are from Hemper. That means we know that everything we include is going to be top quality, and safe to use. It also allows us to offer the best value on the market, bringing you over $100 in retail goods each month. Sign up today!

What Do Our Customers Have to Say?

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