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HEMPER Barrel x Honeycomb Bong


The HEMPER Double Barrel to Honeycomb percolator rig will provide the smoothest of hits time after time. Honeycomb percolators are a widely favored option for their smooth and consistent diffusing capabilities.

Do you see that double chamber perc?  When you see a double chamber, you can  rest assured that you'll be getting the smoothest possible filtration. Most bongs or rigs only have one air chamber for smoke to diffuse and cool... just imagine the possibilities with two.

Combine that with Bent neck design which offers BOTH aesthetic and functional qualities, and you’ve got a nearly perfect piece! Aesthetically, bent necks give a unique look to your glass piece, while functionally, bent necks move the mouthpiece further from the heat source, AND double as a splashguard, preventing accidental water inhalation!

Stands 10'' inches tall and features a 14mm female joint. Tobacco bowl included.



  • (1) HEMPER Barrel x Honeycomb Rig
  • (1) Flower Bowl with Male connection point