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Bammmer - Grapefruit Indoor CBD Flower


Grapefruit CBD flower is a sativa dominant strain overflowing with trichomes! The beauty of this flower is almost unexplainable in words. The appearance is light green in color with some slight purple mixed in, vibrant popping orange hairs and just incredible trichome coverage. The aroma is sweet and fruity with a hint of floral swirl. The effects are noticable and strong, very well rounded overall. This is one of those strains that comes close to perfection for CBD. Buy some today before it's gone! 
Each package comes with a humidity control pack to ensure freshness. 

  • 20.9 % CBD
  • Indica - Sativa
  • Indoor Grown
  • Sweet Fruit Aroma


  • Assorted Oz Bammer CBD Flower

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