HEMPER HoneyBee Hive Beaker Bong

HEMPER HoneyBee Hive Beaker Bong


The silhouette of our exquisite HEMPER Honeybee Hive Bong may look like your standard Beaker style bong, but look closer. We've tricked it out a Honeybee Hive dropped down sphere percolator and a splash guard pinch. And once you witness the true power of the sphere percolator, you'll see why we added that splashguard. Such a compact rig with such powerful percolation power, water will be deflected back down into the water cycle before going into your mouth.

This is a timeless design that is an instant classic no matter when you started out! 


  • 14mm Female joint
  • Height is 10 INCHES 10CM


  • Beaker bong
  • 14mm bowl piece