Binoid - Live Resin THC-A + THC-P 7G Disposable Vape

Product Description

Binoid's 7 Gram THCA + High THC-P Disposable Vape is one of the strongest products we've ever launched. Using our popular device, the "BFV", you'll get a smooth and powerful smooth experience. We built this device to make clogging and leaking almost non-existent.

This is the first true 7 gram disposable on the market. Part of our limited series, enjoy THCA and High THC-P paired with awesome terpenes to make an unforgettable experience.

The Binoid Limited Series 7 Gram is taking the world by storm, and is getting extremely popular with these awesome live terpene flavors. Users may feel an extraordinary buzz and experience. Nobody uses High THC-P in their vapes because it's expensive. Our customers wanted it, so we did it anyway. Enjoy!


  • Premium Live Resin THCA and High THC-P Distillate
  • Live Terpenes
  • Hemp-derived

Techno City (Sativa) | Palm Delight (Indica) | Snow Mountain (Indica) | Temple Kush (Hybrid)