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Binoid - Maui Wowie THC-O Vape Cart

Product Description

Our THC-O vape cartridge Maui Wowie is now available, one of the first THC-O cartridges on the market. This innovative THC-O vape uses premium 92% THC-O distillate, paired with amazing terpene strains to give a potent and powerful mental and physical buzz.

Maui Wowie is a Sativa strain, and is perfect for giving energy throughout the day with its refreshing flavor and an enjoyable feeling. Users may feel focused, productive, and happy.


  • Strain: Sativa
  • Amount of Extract: 1 gram
  • Description: Breath and button-activation compatible 510 cartridge
  • 92% Premium THC-O Distillate
  • 8% Terpenes
  • Hemp-derived
  • Hemper Online Headshop