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CBD Mango Tincture

CBD Mango Tincture

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Find instant energy and a renewed sense of focus that will stimulate your endocannabinoid system during the morning and early afternoon hours with Smile's refreshing Energize CBD formulation. This potent tincture comes in two different strengths: 1000MG and 500MG 

500MG is highly recommended for an early morning boost of creative energy and locking into a strong flow-state like focus. 

1000MG also comes highly recommended for reducing AM anxiousness and stress. As the cortisol levels in your body begin peaking to wake you up, Smile's 1000MG Energize tinctures are the perfect way to counteract the negative side effects of stress and anxiousness that come along with waking up and getting the day started. 

  • 30mL bottle
  • Melatonin+ 5-HTP

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