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Claude Mini Rig By MJ Arsenal


Roman censor Appius Claudius Caecus sponsored the first Roman aqueduct in 312 BC, helping to revolutionize the movement and utilization of water. In memory of his inspiration, MJ Arsenal presents the Claude Mini Rig. This little powerhouse of a rig has revolutionized how concentrate rigs incorporate water flow in small units.

Speaking of revolutionary, the Claude is the first MJ ARSENAL rig to feature a 10mm female connection!

The claude is durable and lightweight, constructed with the ever-popular borosilicate glass -- 100% at that. The base-mounted percolator drops vapor to the chamber’s bottom, pushing the bubbles to rise through the water -- thus cooling the vapor. A double uptake recycler then sends water through two separate paths, double filtering your vapor. Add in the pure quartz bucket, whose inert nature allows the unadulterated flavor to pass through with each pure draw, and you may find ‘revolutionary’ to be an understatement.

You can literallyfeel the spin cycle as you pull flavorful vapor through-- the ultimate in silky smooth draws.

The Claude mini recycler rig from MJ Arsenal packs a lot of punch in a small rig! This compact dab rig stands at less than 5" inches tall but is capable of taking down heaps of concentrates. The unique dual up-take pipes on the back of the rig pull water up from the lower reservoir and spin it around the upper chamber to create a recycling effect, twice washing, cooling, and purifying your vapors. With the small size and recycler function, you'll get a flavorful and smooth hit every time at a great price!
***Orders to NJ and PA will take 5-10 business days to deliver***
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