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Diamond Glass Accent Beaker Bong


You can count on Diamond Glass to deliver high-quality, scientific-grade glass pipes, and this Accent Beaker Pipe will place among the best. This 12" tall tube is clean and simple, featuring an ice pinch just above the beaker body and a 19mm Female Joint to house the included 19-14mm Downstem and complimentary 14mm Male Dry Herb Funnel Bowl.

Around the top of this pipe is a gently rounded but thick glass mouthpiece. The neck of the tube is a large 1.5" in diameter, allowing massive airflow and large draws from this pipe.

For the smoothest experience, just add ice! The ice pinch is low on the neck, allowing you to stack up an impressive 6" of ice to cool and enhance your smoke.

  • Height : 12"
  • Ice Pinch 


  • Beaker Bong
  • 19 mm & 14 mm dry herb bowls

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