Freeze Pipe - Glycerin Bubbler Pro

Product Description

The Freeze Pipe Bubbler Pro is a hammer-style bubbler that includes an upgraded freezable, glycerin-filled chamber that securely snaps onto the bubbler base with an upgraded perc. When smoke passes through the frozen revolver-style chamber it’s instantly cooled resulting in impressively smooth and clean hits. After years of tweaking the design to find the perfect form factor, perc and function for a handheld freezable bubbler, this is the result.


  • Height: 5.5"
  • Length: 9"
  • Features an efficient double showerhead perc for incredible function
  • Unique Revolver-style glycerin coil for the best combination of cooling, clog prevention, and ease of use
  • Freezes quickly and stays frozen
  • Removable honeycomb-style bowl for easy ashing and packing


  • Bubbler
  • 18 mm bowl