Freeze Pipe - Mini E-Nail

Product Description

Portable vaporizer that delivers mouthwatering dabs in seconds. This Enail quickly heats between 200 - 750 degrees and adjusts to fit 14mm and 18mm bowls. Rest assured it fits all Freeze Pipe bongs and recyclers. Featuring a built-in safety shutoff, this Enail automatically turns off after 60 seconds once the desired temperature is reached. No more blow torches or stop watches, go electronic with your dabs for a safer, quicker and tastier concentrate experience.

  • Fits any piece with an 18 or 14 mm bowl; Including all the Freeze Pipe Bongs and Recycler models
  • Includes 2 removable quartz dishes, you won't find a better material to taste concentrates than quartz
  • Display screen shows battery life and heat setting
  • Magnetic flip top
  • Rechargeable battery, type-c charging port, includes cord
          • Enail
          • 2 Removable quartz dishes
          • Dab tool
          • Charging cord