HEMPER - Candy Cane XL Bong Box

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  • Hemper Candy Cane XL Bong
  • HEMPER Tech Alcohol Freshwipes Bucket
  • Assorted The Keeper™ By Hemper
  • OCB Cones
  • Assorted Clipper Lighter 
  • 14 mm Male Quartz High Airflow Male Banger
  • Hemper Perforated Filter Tips (50ct)
  • OCB Papers
  • Kong Wraps
  • (5) Hemper Quick Hitters Assorted
  • 14 mm Male Thermo Chromic Quartz Banger with Color Changing Crystals
  • Christmas Tree Glass Carb Cap
  • Candy Cane Dab Tool Blue Swirl
  • Ozium Spray
  • HEMPER Aluminum Grinder 4 Piece Large
  • Smokebuddy Original Personal Air Filter
  • HEMPER Tech Snapcap Alcohol Swabs
  • HEMPER Tech Cotton buds 200ct
  • HEMPER Tech Organic Beeswax Hempwick
  • Assorted Medium Rolling Trays
  • Assorted Twisted Hemp Cones