HEMPER Chubright Upright Bubbler

HEMPER Chubright Upright Bubbler


The HEMPER Chubright the perfect combination of size and function. This compact bubbler rig has a flat base and a large chamber that provides stability and big rips. And with the removable bowl, you can clear them with ease! The concaved chamber and pitched back neck mean you can keep your face clear of the flame and prevent splashback!

Its small lower chamber comes equipped with our classic showerhead perc and paired with its small inner chamber, provides great percolation while maintaining full flavor.


  • Flat Base
  • Drippy Trippy percolator / splashguard
  • 10" Inches
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • 14mm Male Flower bowl


  • (1) HEMPER Chubright Upright Bubbler
  • (1) 14mm Flower Bowl