Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit - HEMPER

Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit



From newbies to experienced cannabis users, any serious vaper knows the value of a clean device. From the increased quality of vapor, to enhanced flavor, more efficient highs, and even improved health (i.e. less bacteria), the benefits are well worth your time.

But cleaning your vaporizer, especially those pesky pens and smaller devices, can be a downright drag. Not only is the process time-consuming, without the right tools to get the job done right, you’ll likely end up with poor results.

Taking into consideration the industry’s move towards discretion, purity of experience, and sleek designs, Higher Standards developed their Supreme Clean Kit; arguably one of the best on the market today.

With a flair for premium and glass vaporizers, Higher Standard has built this kit to handle cleaning and maintenance of virtually any vaporizer or accessory, from your “daily driver” to that boutique luxury vaporizer you only pull out for special occasions.

Each Kit Includes:

  • 1x ISO Pure
  • 1x Salt Rox
  • 12x Pipe Stix
  • 12x Pipe Dreamz
  • 1x Resin Rag
  • 2x Dot Wipes
  • 6x Tube Tops

NOTE: Shipping restrictions regarding the 99% pure isopropyl alcohol may exist and can generally only be shipped by way of express or ground shipping options.