Igloo Rig HEMPER Box Ft. HEMPER Tech Cleaning Plugs + Caps (November 2016)

The November Hemper Box has been referred to as our "best box yet"!  

The Igloo Rig was the first ever HEMPER Sidecar piece!  We featured a classic showerhead percolator which provides infinite bubblestacking up the domed sides!

As opposed to those "heady" style rigs that feature an opaque body, completely obscuring the function of the piece, this piece features sleek, clear "scientific" glass that allows you to watch this concentrate rig or water pipe function.  

What is scientific glass?  It simply means that the piece is both mostly translucent, and that it features a “lab" type design.  The overall shape of scientific glass is how it gets its name, coming from glass beaker chambers, straight tubes, and other test tube designs that are found in real labs!