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Bammmer - Organic Sour Tsunami CBD Flower

Bammmer - Organic Sour Tsunami CBD Flower

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Sour Tsunami is a sea of relaxation and pain relief that hits you like a wave . This hybrid flower shares its sour smell with its cousin Sour Diesel and features a strong earthy flavor. If you're beat after an intense session at the gym or suffering from chronic pains, a bowl of Sour Tsunami will be your favorite end of the day routine.

What separates bammmer cbd from other cbd flower companies is that their flower bags come with Integra boost humidity packs!

These 2-way humidity packs absorb and release moisture to keep the humidity perfect inside a container. When your flower is stored at the correct humidity it keeps the flower moist and flavorful.

  • Aroma:  Sweet and Diesel
  • Effects: Relaxed, Pain Relief
  • Farm Bill Compliant: Delta 9 THC < 0.3%
  • Lab Tested
  • Hand Trimmed


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