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Sacred Wisdom CBD Pre-Rolls | 7CT

Sacred Wisdom CBD Pre-Rolls | 7CT

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Explore the mysteries of the soul with the Sacred Wisdom blend of 17% Organic Hemp CBD, Damiana, Passion Flower, Red Raspberry, Uva Ursi and Lavender. This herbal alchemy is perfect for accessing a higher state of consciousness by connecting you with the wisdom of your internal universe. The herbs in this blend is perfect for grounding and focus, it also stimulates libido and acts as an aphrodisiac, so it is a perfect calming blend to get into “the mood” with a lover or yourself.  Some of the herbs in this blend also potentially help with PMS symptoms as well.

Celestial smokes uses the highest quality Hemp grown in Oregon, and the strain Special Sauce is calming, euphoric and offers the benefits of over 17% CBD.

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