Source - Versa eRig

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Take your experience to a new level with a rig that has it all. The Source Orb Versa has been designed to meet all of your needs and wants. The built-in 3000MaH battery power provides the Versa with a long lasting charge making it a perfect device for on the go. When you need to charge it, the rapid USB-C charging port will give it the juice it needs to get you back into action. 


  • 6.6 inches tall
  • 75mm glass base
  • 15mm bucket insert
  • Built-in 3000MaH battery


  • 1x Versa body with black glass
  • 1x Titanium bucket
  • 1x Ceramic bucket
  • 1x Bubble Carb Cap
  • 1x Atomizer (6-month warranty)
  • 1x USB-C charging cable
  • 1x Travel case
  • 1x Slick container
  • 1x Concentrate tool