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The most popular and iconic vaporizer of all time got a regal facelift, say hello to the Storz & Bickel Gold Volcano Vaporizer. You can enjoy the same advanced features such as precision temperature control, convection heating, and an easy-to-use balloon bag system, as the non-gold version of the Volcano.

Boasting a powerful convection heating system, the Gold Volcano delivers extremely pure vapor. To give users full control over their sessions, Storz & Bickel gave the Gold Volcano precision temperature control. Users can pinpoint the exact temperature at which their dry herb is vaporized and can customize their clouds to be richer in a specific compound, as well as explore different cloud sizes, and flavor profiles.

The Gold Volcano vaporizer features the classic Storz & Bickel balloon bag filling system which enables users to take hits in a more portable manner from surgical-grade silicone balloon bags. One bowl of dry herb will fill around 3 to 4 balloon bags of the Gold Volcano.


  • Limited Edition Gold Volcano Vaporizer
  • Convection Heated Desktop Vaporizer
  • Medical-Grade Heating Element
  • Balloon Bag Vapor Delivery System


  • 1x Gold Volcano Vaporizer
  • 1x Grinder
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Air Filter Set
  • 1x Cleaning Tool
  • 1x Easy Valve Concentrate Pad
  • 1x Easy Valve Filling Chamber
  • 3x Easy Valve Clips
  • 5x Easy Valve Mouthpieces
  • 5x Easy Valve Balloons
  • 6x Easy Valve Screens