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CLEANING ESSENTIAL: Hemper Tech Alcohol Freshwipes

Author: Hemper Co

You know that feeling. You’ve spent a while cleaning up after a sesh, but something isn't right. Your mouthpiece and dab tools are sticky, and so are your fingers. Wet wipes, paper towels, soap and water… Nothing seems to do the track getting rid of ALL that sticky reside.  

Until now. Ditch sticky dabbers for good, grab a pack of Hemper Tech Alcohol Freshwipes. You’ll get the job done in less than half the time as with other wipes.


Hemper Tech Alcohol Freshwipes are the cleaning essential you'll always need in your kit, no matter where you go. 

We developed our wipes with a proprietary cleaning agent and absorbent sewn in microbeads.  These gentle, yet abrasive, cotton cloths power through sticky residue just as well as they pick up dry herb product. They disinfect all kinds of different surfaces, leaving you with nothing but a clean, fresh piece.

 HemperTECH Fresh Wipes 

These disposable alcohol wipes come in convenient easy-close buckets to retain moisture for continued use!  Carry them with you in a bag or in your car for easy, no-fuss cleaning on the go.


Pretty much anywhere you need to clean!

Use them to remove the residue from inside pipes and hitters, or to wipe off your dab tool after a sticky sesh. Wipe down the table where you rolled up, or wipe off your fingers after you've finished packing your bong. Did you pass your rig to your friend, only to watch him drool all over the mouthpiece? Hemper Tech to the rescue! Use a Freshwipe to quickly and efficiently disinfect your piece before using it again. You can even wipe down your shoes to pick up day to day dirt and residue.

Fresh Wipes

Although Hemper Tech Alcohol Freshwipes aren’t designed for use on furniture or other soft surfaces, they can be used in a pinch to help get that concentrate you dripped on your shirt off before you can get to the washing machine.


First and foremost, Hemper Tech Alcohol Freshwipes are specially formulated for multipurpose use. Use them on nearly any surface, and any level of gross and grime, to get your kit looking good as new! These wipes will do the trick in all sorts of situations.

Along with their versatility is their portability. Get your kit clean anywhere you need it without needing water or a sink. Just wipe off the surface and you're good to go!

HemperTECH Fresh Wipes Piece

The proprietary cleaning solution also separates Hemper Tech Alcohol Freshwipes from the rest of the pack. Stop using ineffective wet wipes that don’t really disinfect, or overkill your cleaning with harmful chemicals. Hemper Tech Freshwipes strike the right balance between powerful enough to cut through residue, and gentle enough to use on your hands without worry.

Your One-Stop Smoking Accessory Shop

From bongs to rolling papers, cleaning wipes to grinders, the HEMPER Team works hard to find everything you need month after month. 

Our subscription boxes are packed full of everyday premium essentials and those unique accessories you didn’t know you needed. 

You pick your price range and delivery frequency, and we deliver on the goods!

We stock only the best cleaning supplies to get your kit sparkling clean.  Get rid of your homemade cleaning solutions and clean better with Hemper Tech!

HemperTECH Fresh Wipes

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