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Types of Ashtrays

Ashtrays aren’t often the most glamorous or interesting smoking accessory to think about, yet they are certainly a “must-have” for those of us who smoke herb, cigarettes, or cigars on a regular basis.

As a smoker, an ashtray is likely your favorite companion, keeping ash where it belongs and ensuring the safety of your cigarettes or other medium when you need to set it down for a moment.

Features and Designs

Some ashtrays feature built-in options that make life a little easier and more convenient. Lighter holders and compartments can help reduce clutter and keep all the necessities for a good smoking session in one place (i.e. lighters, rolling paper, herbs, tobacco and more).

De-Bowler ashtrays provide convenience, featuring a built-in spike to poke your pipe's bowel prior to ashing it out. These ashtrays eliminate the need to find or carry a poker of some sort, ending up with ash on your car keys or a pen lid. These ashtrays come in plastic, glass, ceramic, and even “unbreakable” rubber material.

Some ashtrays feature a lid and a pocket system to hold your joint. While others have nooks on the side for resting your pipe.

Another popular option is a multi-compartment or divided tray design, allowing you to keep ash, butts and other smoking elements separated.


Ashtrays come in a variety of materials ranging from classical heat-treated wood, to hand-painted clay or intricate glass, quartz, or marble designs. Other popular materials include various ceramics, which can come in any number of shapes, sizes, or colors.

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