Rolling Trays

A rolling tray is an essential accessory that provides convenience and cleanliness to smokers who prefer rolling to using vapes or bongs. You can keep your tobacco, herbs, and rolling tools all in one place with a tray customized to your style.  You’ll find that you lose things far less often when you have a rolling tray to store them in! Make sure your precious dollars are going through your pipe or rolling paper, and not onto the floor.

Why Use a Rolling Tray?

There are many benefits to using blunt rolling trays. Some of which include that they provide: 

  • A sanitary place to grind and roll
  • A way to keep your area clean
  • An easy cleanup
  • A surface to catch loose crumbs

Considering they are typically inexpensive, purchasing a rolling tray is an excellent addition to your smoking collection.

How to Choose the Best Rolling Trays?

Luckily for you, there are so many different options available on the market for rolling trays; the best one is entirely up to you. Keep some considerations in mind while shopping around for your best rolling tray: 

  • Budget
  • Usage
  • Added components
  • Material
  • Design

As you will discover, each rolling tray has its pros and cons, so it is up to you to determine what elements are a priority.

Types of Rolling Trays

Much like many aspects of smoking these days, your options for rolling trays are as customizable as you can imagine. There are different types of materials and features of trays, each offering its pros and cons.

Design Rolling Trays

Typically found in plastic or metal, design rolling trays boast a beautiful display across the tray. You can find designs of nearly anything, but here are our favorite: 

OCB Tokyo Design Medium Rolling Tray

With a unique display of downtown Tokyo, OCB has delivered a stunning heavy-duty, metal rolling tray. Offering curved edges with high sides, you don’t have to worry about any unwanted messes or loss of crumbs. 

Cool Rolling Trays

Cool rolling trays have extra capabilities that you don’t typically find in standard rolling trays. Some of these features include special compartments to hold some of your equipment. The idea of these additional features is to provide even more convenience for rolling.

Marley Natural Black Walnut Rolling Tray

Not only does the Marley rolling tray function as a practical rolling tray, but it also doubles as a display piece with its black walnut wood base. With a wood scraper, built-in magnet, and a contoured cutout corner, this multi-use tray makes rolling a breeze. 

Metal Rolling Trays

No surprise, metal rolling trays are more durable than plastic options. Luckily, metal is still an inexpensive option and can come in multiple sizes and designs to fit your needs. Metal trays may not have all of the cool features of other trays but are still highly functional. 

Hemper Varsity Rolling Tray

In a convenient 5” x 7” size, our Hemper Varsity rolling tray offers durability and style that is easy to carry around with you in any situation. Perfect for your everyday use or to pack up and take with you on the go.

How to Use a Rolling Tray

Perfecting the art of rolling a joint comes with time but can be simplified using a rolling tray. While there are many different ways to roll a joint, follow these easy steps, and you will be a rolling master in no time.

  1. Place all of your necessary materials on your rolling tray
  2. Grind your herbs as finely as possible
  3. If using a filter, put it on one end of the joint paper
  4. Hold the sides of the paper and filter with one hand and add herbs
  5. Start pressing the herbs and inching the paper around it
  6. Roll upwards with your thumb to form a cone
  7. Lick the sticky side of the paper to secure
  8. Twist the end to close

Keep a rolling tray handy throughout your entire process to collect any fall off from the grinding or rolling. You can also use the tray for easy stowaway once you finish rolling your joint.

Joint Rolling Machine

If rolling a joint by hand is too complicated for you, there are tools out there that can help to make it easier. Use a joint rolling machine to cut down on the time and effort needed in rolling your joints. 

Typically, a handheld device, joint rollers have two rollers and a belt, known as a dual-wheel roller. To use a joint rolling machine, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your space with your rolling tray
  2. Separate two wheels to stretch out the belt
  3. Place the joint paper onto the belt
  4. Add a filter (if using) and herbs
  5. Push rollers back together and roll the wheels to rotate
  6. Lick the sticky part of the paper and roll one last time

There are electrical joint rolling machines available as well, but a standard handheld is an affordable option for everyone.

Where to Buy a Rolling Tray

Take a look at our wide selection of rolling trays to find the best one suited for your needs and desires. We are frequently adding new inventory, so don’t be discouraged if you can’t find your perfect fit.

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