Vaporizers are all the rage, skyrocketing in popularity due in part to the spreading legalization of weed in both medical and recreational forms, but also due to the improved experience and potency as compared to traditional “smoking”. 

Vaporizers allows you to consume herbs and concentrates safely and more efficiently, eliminating harmful smoke and vaporizing optimal levels of actives.

When vaping, an atomizer heats your material to the point at which the active components become a breathable vapor, allowing you to consume all the good stuff without the toxins associated with smoking.  Check some out below from Hemper.

There are a few different types of vaporizers on the market you can explore: 

  1. Disposable versus re-usable vaporizers: Disposable vaporizers are pen-shaped and resemble cigarettes.Re-usable vaporizers are more customizable and save more money. 
  1. Desktop versus portable: Desktop vaporizers need to be connected to a power source to use. Portable devices can be used on the run, although the quality will not be as good. 
  1. Mass produced versus Mods and Box Mods: Mass produced models are cheap and easy-to-use. Those who want to have a more customized device can invest in mods, which can result in physical changes to the device, as well as changes in the intensity of flavor.

Components of Vaporizers

Each vaporizer has a few basic components:

  • The tank – this holds the e-liquid.
  • The atomizer – this boils the liquid to transform it into a breathable vapor
  • The mouthpiece – this allows you to vape without burning your lips on the atomizer piece, which gets very hot.